“SWEET DAY ” is TODAY-15th October.

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A great day is today-SWEET DAY- third Saturday of October
“Let us reach out to our loved ones on this sweetest day”-remember
To express our gratitude to the Almighty – compassionate
Loving all and serving all, helping ever and hurting never.

On this SWEET DAY let us enjoy the joy of giving sweets to all
Let us not fail to remember the sick, aged and the orphaned
Children and meet them and greet them with our kith and kin-feel quite tall
Make them feel they are never alone and God’s messengers are there.

Let us send greetings, flowers and sweeten their life by conveying
Them a sweet assurance of our presence and wishes and  showing
Who we are and our lasting relationship with all born on this earth
Alleviating their pains by all means, help live with joy and mirth!

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I am happy to share with you that yesterday’s 38th view of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr. wordpress.com at 6.00 hours over all view score is 63001` in the Blog’s 633rd post on 598th day. I thank all my esteemed viewers and solicit their continued support in the days to come also.


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