Yes; it is a WONDERLAND! I am sure my esteemed viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in would have enjoyed the Part I of this “IN THE WONDERLAND of BLOGGING” as the last week’s Sunday story.
In this Part II is presented my personal experiences in this ‘wonderland’ for the past 600 days!

Yes; today it is exactly SIX HUNDRED DAYS since this Blog was launched in 2015 and on the SIX HUNDRETH DAY, it is SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIXTH post. All figures multiple of 3!!!

I feel as if it is a great personal achievement that by God’s grace, there have been one or more posts since the launch without any break whatsoever. There are millions of Blogs and Bloggers in the world and mine is probably most insignificant one and yet it gives me an ever increasing sense of satisfaction.
Normal human behavior is that great urge to express! Some do it through prose, some through verse, some through oral communication and some through written. In these difficult days of publication through print or electronic, ideal appears to me is through blogs- at your leisure, on the topic of your choice, those who like see and those who do not, ignore! What a great blessing it is to get into the wonderland of Blogging!

As shared very often, Blogging has become a part and parcel of my life and that life is shrunk to the extent of no life beyond this WONDERLAND! It may look a little odd, ridiculous or funny, but I am prepared to accept any charge in this respect!
My daily life starts with the Blog and the day ends with the Blog. At the age of past 75, I think it is good enough to keep fit mentally, physically and intellectually.
With the gradual increase in the average daily views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS, I gather more and more confidence and pursue the same with a missionary zeal.
As of now with more than 63000 views in 600 days, average view per day has crossed ONE HUNDRED and of late for the past couple of months it has been around 150!

Every day after morning walk and domestic chores, I sit on my computer by 4.30hrs. and the blog work takes about an hour for sharing in Face Book, community Chat in the WORDPRESS, sending a good morning message to all those Face Book friends who come up on line as a part of my Blog marketing activity!!!!!. For example the message on Muharram day was: Good Morning. It is a special day’s post on OCTOBER 13th MUHARAM in Envius Thoughts in”


My viewers would have observed my Calendar for a week of seven days starts with a Sunday story and Monday to Saturday it will be an English poem- original or Translated from Tamil.

I observe the Blog views as at the start of the day at 4.30hours and record the day’s view and total view and record the same in a diary that I maintain for the purpose and make the closing entry for the previous day. The entries in the diary will be made for about 5 or 6 times every day at constant intervals!

On every Sunday I send a mail to all my friends, known/unknown, seen/unseen in my email list. A typical communication as made last Sunday that is on 9/10/16 is as under:


Dear all,
Happy greetings on the occasion of FESTIVAL OF NINE NIGHTS and a week end.
The above is the week’s Sunday Story in for your kind read and continued support.
The following posts were made during the week ended:
1.8/10/16. 627th October 8-INDIAN AIR FORCE DAY.
2 7/10/16. 626th. Universe- A Chariot on the Move.
3.6/10/16. 625th. October 6-World Wildlife Day.

4.5/10/16. 624th. October 5- World Teachers’ DAY.
5.4/10/16. 623rd. October 4- World Animal Day.
6.3/10/16. 622nd. October 3- World Habitat Day.

Overall view of the blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed SIXTY TWO THOUSANDS on 7th October thanks to your support in six days time. . Kindly continue.
With regards.
Yours sincerely
N V Subbaraman

This is sent to about 250 email ids that are with me and also is communicated through Face Book, Community Chat with my wordpress co-bloggers and others.

With every crossing of 1000 views, I used to communicate to all the above as per a communication like this:

I am happy to share with you that today’s 38th view of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr. at 06.00 hours, over all view score is 63001` in the Blog’s 633rd post on 598th day. I thank all my esteemed viewers and solicit their continued support in the days to come also.


Since I am very particular about reporting, any and every progress of mine in the WONDERLAND of BLOGGING, it will be suitably communicated to my esteemed viewers at the earliest. :
New experiences, new admirers, new goals, new expectations, new disappointments, new exhilarations- all in this WONDERLAND!

When a new feedback is received, it gives a lot of emotional stirrings; here is one on the Part I of this title received from a friend of mine by name Shri T S Chandrasekahar from Hyderabad:

“Good Morning Sir! Greetings and best wishes on Sri Durgashtami Day! The origin and history of blogging, its usage, coinage of words, behaviors of bloggers/micron loggers, trends and consequences, etal you have almost dug deep into a new world by subject. The affluent thought process alone makes a human drive into the new era and make humans realize what for they exist ! Congratulations to you on the occasion of posting your thoughts for 593 days on 628 blogs! I don’t know the relevance of recalling a Telugu film song, viz., “Maanasa Veena Madhu Geetham. .. …Saagara madhanam, amrita madhuram…” I feel these are words to be used for a genuine researcher who seeks and be connected more and more. I see in you the effort of a legend leading the generation to usher in the new Don of an Era! I fail to express the quantum of genuine zeal you bestow by becoming a learner to become a master! Pray the Almighty to give you more strength and bless you!!! Have a great Day, Sir!”

Such feedbacks provide the Blogger extra strength and vigor to go fast.

Here are a few from PRO of Sevalaya-one of the greatest service organizations near Chennai very dear to my heart and I have made a couple of posts here a couple of months back.

N. Jagannathan

Comment: Mr. Subbaraman’s poem captioned,”Muharram The Day of Meditation” conveys and carries message to the entire universe. It is a day of meditation, sacrifice, greater faith and conviction. In fact, the poem is a capsule contains a large number of messages to be understood and followed by mankind.
As a true Indian, I reiterate that all religions preach only great ideals.
Kudos to Mr. Subbaraman’s poem for the occasion.

Comment: Mr. Subbaraman’s post, titled, Universe – a chariot on the move, is thought provoking. “Let us wait for the next chapter”, but let us be conscious with a sense of responsibility shouldered on us. It is relevant to read Yajurveda’s concluding line which says that “Samuthrame namadhu banndhu” Let us try to interpret this in the present context.

N. Jagannathan commented on UNIVERSE- A CHARIOT ON THE MOVE Part IX
25 Three fourths of the world Surrounded by water Water-that is seven kilometers deep Encroached upon the top of the …

A thought provoking one! Everyone should ponder over this. Let us “wait for the next chapter”. But we must consciously guard; let us be responsible. Here I wish to quote Yajur Veda’s concluding lines, which says that “Samudhrame namakku bandhu”.


Comment: It is timely and excellent poem on Hindi to mark the Hindi Day occasion fell on 14th September. Can anyone deny learning a language is developing one knowledge, besides using it for communicating. Kudos to NVS’ great thoughts for the good of the people! It is a matter of pride and relevant also that our former PM Vajpayee extensively quoted Tirukkural in Hindi in UN when he was Foreign Minister. For both richness of Tamil literature and his poetic presentation in Hindi it was greatly lauded by the audience of the high profile forum. Among other languages, Hindi is widely spoken in the country. It is a matter of pride for all.


Comment: Without Sacrifice nothing earned, achieved. Be it yagna karma, or a nation’s struggle for noble causes by its people, or individual for the sake of their lasting good. The moral treaties of all our faiths preach this. India, as a nation, is known for all its greater values to be cherished by rest of the world. The universal appeals are respecting all faiths, service, sacrifice, charity, love, brotherhood, tolerance, etc., Eid al – Adha is one not only to our Muslim brothers, but to the whole mankind.

Comment: The post International Literacy Day is most timely, meaningful. No doubt, our country has large segment of its population, illiterates, among educated even. It is also a solace that the graph of literates has been steady on the increase. With that, our planners, should not be complacent and should definitely have a benchmark of 100% literates with quality education. This should be the resolve on this day.

Comment: Mr. Subbaraman’s poetic presentation on Global forgiveness day is excellent. It is a reflection of not only in Hindu faiths but also exegesis narrated in all the religions preached. Mr. Subbaraman deserves praises for his unique way of explaining, of course in his characteristic style.


N. Jagannathan commented on TEACHERS’ DAY IS TODAY! (5/9/16)
Teacher is a teacher all over the world revered and respected Can be a mother or father or friend whoever …
Mr. Subbaraman’s write up on Teacher’s day is excellent. The Philosopher-Statesman’s exegesis’ are relevant even to-day. His life, teachings, is all inspirational fountain-head for generations to come, particularly students and teachers communities as well. Kudos to Mr. N.V. Subbaraman for the homage


Comment: My poet-intellectual Mr.N.V.Subbaraman’s blog post is interesting. I should, however, add that it is partly optimistic, partly praising, partly a wishful thinking and partly a mild criticism that we have not produced enough champions among our 1.20 billion. Anyway it is a solace; it is a delightful shift from medal-less Olympics.


Ramamurthi Thupakula
October 10 at 7:58am
The day of Saraswathi pooja as pointed out by you quoting Bharathiyar invokes skill and wisdom. On the day of mental health let is draw energy from goddess wisdom and maintain health of self and our brethren in this complex world.

October 8 at 7:52am

Thank you sir for reminding the mighty force and its continuous service to the nation. I had the opportunity of being in the force as civil educational instructor for a short span of one year before being taken in the lap of LICI. I am very much influenced by way of their communication in points 1,2 ,3 during 1971.


October 5 at 7:29am

A nice treat to the job

Noble teacher who ignites the real spark of life. I still remember the teacher who failed his son for not getting pass marksI for another year and made him to learn.


October 1 at 11:56am

The great samskara of leader is what he preached he actually practiced. Gandhiji before advising a boy to restrain consumption of more jaggery , he himself observed the practice.


September 30 at 5:02pm

Universe ,power. And the objects, human approach well brought out. Your haiku is encouraging me to give many readings to understand thoroughly.


September 26 at 7:49am

Well brought out the significance of water. Live and let live alone will solve the crisis.


September 24 at 10:24am

Let us understand and welcome social justice making a beginning from our side.

Days are days and months are months in the God’s scheme of things Yet, some days turn out to be deadly in human beings! One …
Cooperate with the inevitable is easy to appreciate. but difficult to implement. I pray the supreme power to endow with the ability to bear the onslaught of time.


September 15 at 7:02am

Thank you very much for reminding regarding Hindi divas. India with multiple dialects is strengthened by link language as Hindi. There is no doubt while English is window of the world, Hindi is bondage between Indian languages. Mother tongue can’t be ignored at the same time. We can understand any Indian language if we observe keenly. Iam happy to be reminded of hindi day.

Such feedbacks enthuse me and probably that is sustaining me creditably in the wonderland of Blogging.




Another important aspect which I have earlier also shared is with regard to my articles on the Thiruvalluvar’s magnum opus THIRUKKURAL being published every week since July 31st. I make a footnote of the same in the Blog posting giving the links as a specimen here:

Kindly click the following link
List of Contents
to read my

CHAPTER FIFTY one of Thirukkural “ASSESSING THE MEN FOR CONFIDENCE “அதிகாரம் 51- ”தெரிந்து தெளிதல்” in the INDIAN PERIODICAL. Kindly place your scholarly comment below the article itself where a provision has been made so that all the viewers can see the same.
You may also view THE PERSON OF THE WEEK- NV SUBBARAMAN by clicking the following link. Thanks.

It is indeed quite heartwarming that my esteemed viewers of the Blog also read the e-magazine INDIAN PERIODICAL as is seen by the readership figures provided in the ezine.

It is indeed glorifying that my interview published on 31st July this year under their feature PERSON OF THE WEEK stands Number TWO in the most read articles with a readership of more than 1950 as of now. Marketing for my article is done by my Blog Posts!!!!!

Similarly on the part of INDIAN PERIODICAL by way of pingbacks they publish and viewed by the ezine readers.

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In this fashion, there is a mutually beneficial “multiplier effect” for both.

Well, it is getting longer and longer and I shall share with my esteemed viewers if there is a need for Part III in the days to come. Thanks in tons my dear friends; bye for the present.

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