Oct 16 World Food Day

Image result for World Food Day 16th October 2016

In the wonderful creation of the Lord Almighty-the God
Most essential for the living beings humans, animals
Birds and plants and trees -FOOD along with water and air-gets the nod
Without which no existence for any on earth is possible!

Duty of the Government and the society is to provide
Food for all- twice a day if not thrice- no death due to starvation
Ideal goal for accomplish- no cost too much-not to divide
The haves and haves-not, rich and poor- all need food no reservation!

“Climate change: Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too”
Theme for twenty sixteen- May the whole world work with a resolve to
Ensure food for all on this UN declared WORLD FOOD  DAY- quite sure
If one has no food, the world is to go in shame- Bharathi said -pure!

Image result for Images for World Food Security Day 2016.

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