World White Cane Day | Oct 15


Lord Almighty in His compassion great creates the humans nice
With all faculties intact to live a life of peace and health – spice
Hearing, speaking, smelling, seeing, touching senses five to be strong
For the humans to happily live and let live others along

Alas, many times, many men miss one faculty or other
May be retribution for the sins committed – lose a feather
Loss of sight is surely one that traps life at all times – misery
Door one closed and other other opened – need not repent a mystery

As good as normal walk about, engage in work with a white cane;
WORLD WHITE CANE DAY is 15th October – get confidence – humane
Not to be pitied but to be applauded for ones will power
God is not cruel but surely guides and protects all forever


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