Oct 20 National Solidarity Day

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A nation is not a bunch of sand and stones, big sea and rivers,
Is made up of men and women and their children in flesh and blood
With feelings and emotions, pride and prejudice, noble tears
Teased and provoked by outsiders raise as one prepared to shed blood!

That is called patriotism and nationalism in a broad sense
Every Indian is indeed proud of this great culture for long- tense
Was the day- that fateful day- when neighbor attacked this holy land
October twentieth observed as National Solidarity day sound!

Many differences can be there unfortunate- Indian
Society multi dimensional-yet in times of crisis stands
As one-only one- supports the powers that be unitedly
On this holy day let us resolve to make India supreme!


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PS: China attacked India on that day.


I am happy to share with my esteemed Viewers that with today’s 24 views at 7.30 hours on Thursday the 20th October, the total views of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com crossed SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND mark. Thanks aplenty. Kindly continue your support.


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