Universe-Chariot on the Move Part 15


Image result for image of neptune planet


Here is one more chariot on the move!

Just as other planets-
Planets of the SUN family
Go round and round accurate,
Planet Neptune travels round
Round the Sun
In an elliptical orbit!
Yet this moves in a way,
A way in its own style!
A little away and away from the Sun!
Einstein will say:
All due to gravitational pull!
A small planet Neptune is
Nearer to Sun it is
Going fast round the Sun it is
More gravitational pull of the Sun it has
It goes away and away gradually!
Coming back to its position
May take a few lakhs of years!
May not come to the fierce grip of the Sun!



A small particle of the Universe
Is our world!
The Earth goes round the self
At a speed of
One thousand kilometers an hour!
The Earth goes round the Sun
At a speed of
Twenty miles a second!
Seventy two thousand miles an hour!
Sun sphere goes round the star sphere
At a speed of
Thirteen miles per second!
Star sphere rotates in the Universe
At a speed of
Two hundred miles per second!
Islands of the Universe
In the Universal space
Beyond the Star sphere
Go round the Universe
Go on expanding
At a speed of
Hundred miles per second!

Image result for image of rotation of earth


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