Universe – Chariot on the Move Part 16


Image result for Images of Sun

Smiling Sun.



Floating pieces in the Earth
May move and merge!
Yet its stability, a question mark!
Several crore of years hence
Disintegrate they may
They may
Float, clash and dash with each other!
Appearance and activities
Of the Earth will change!
Sun-how so big it grows
At the end may lose
Its power of light
Power of pull
Quite possible!
Energy and matter may be gone!
Maybe changing!
From the ruin, new may be created!
In course of time
Suns anew may be born!
Again may be ruined!
May end in destruction!



In the Space around the Saturn,
Nitrogen in liquid form
May cause cyclone
Of Thousand kilometers
Length and breadth!
May last for six months
To a year and disappear!
In the middle of Saturn
Lay the hard rocks of iron
Go around the orbit
Dust and ice; pieces of iron rocks
And stones!
Helium and Hydrogen
Found in the Universe full!
In the Saturn’s moon- TITAN-
Habitable by human race
Combustible Methane and Ethane
In abundance found
In the tanks and streams!

Image result for Images depicting severe Cyclone

Severe cyclone.


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