Universe – Chariot on the Move Part 17


Image result for images to depict Einstein's theory




Einstein’s theory
In course of time
Absorbed QUANTUM laws!
An action may happen
In the direction opposite!
Particles or energy
Those disappear
May dissolve and disappear!
The Black Hole gets a change
A part of a big range!
What that was dissolved
Can be revived!
Possible this is
According to Hawking!
A truth accepted thing!



This Universe
Expanding or
In a marathon run
Or contracts a ton
May go extinct one day!
This change may be in a way
While in a long sleep
Or when getting up from sleep!
The pressure that was never
Gave a stress higher than ever
And then the Universe was born!
And then calculated time and distance!
In the Universe one fourth the materials
Energy and power three fourths!
Proof for the birth of the Earth
Microwaves that work
With force opposite!

Image result for images to depict Einstein's theory

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