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“Thamasoma jyothir gamaya”- Vedic hymn-Let light give place to darkness
“Lead Kindly light amidst the encircling gloom”-a great English poet-smartness.
Here is the “FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS”- called Diwali, Deepavali-lights in rows
A great day of joy and mirth, peace and happiness-man in reverence bows!

A day of victory for the noble forces on evil ones-happy
A day of success for wisdom over ignorance- to enjoy proudly
A day of social calls on kith and kin exchanging greetings joyfully
A day of thanking the Almighty for all HIS grace and love piously!

On this day let us avail the ‘joy of giving’ to the poor and destitute
What all are possible to the orphans and old age people- to substitute
Their agony and grief with joy and happiness through our acts of kindness
Let this FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS bring in great light and brightness in all our lives!

Let us not pollute the minds of the poor with our extravaganza
Let us not pollute the atmosphere with noise and smoke everywhere –
Let us not scare the dumb cats and dogs, cows and sheep with sound enormous
Let us enjoy the FESTIVAL with lighting the lamps dispelling darkness!

Image result for images of diwali festival


  1. Festival of Lights, Deepavali,s signifies win of good over Evil,should be celebrated with out scaring dumb animals and without effecting the atmosphere. Your message is clear.Let the festival of lights dispel the internal fears,ignorance and evils so that we come out with the real light of knowledge,purityand Cleanliness. Greetings to you sir. Kvvsprasad


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