Oct 31 Rastriya Ekta Diwas (Sardar Patel), National Integration Day (In memory of Indira Gandhi)

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National Integration day Dance

India that is Bharath-our Motherland indeed is a holy land
True “Punya Bhoomi” it is blessed with great Saints and Seers,-garland
Of visionaries and missionaries- Vyasa to Vivekananda
Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel to Indira Gandhi-all HIS grace!

This day is a holy day to resolve to observe, remember,follow
The noble thoughts, words and actions of great people wise and patriotic
Who led the vast Indians successfully towards goals unthinkable-
A nation diverse in language, tradition, culture, and religion!

Sardar Patel the iron man and Indira Gandhi the iron lady
Who led the nation at the times critical and difficult wisely.
Rightly observed as National Integration Day for which they laid their lives
Now under threat of the fascist forces raising their ugly heads.



WE pay homage to Sardar Patel and Indira Gandhi on this holy day.


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