Universe – Chariot on the Move Part 18


Image result for Images Tour of The Universe.


Without crossing the borders
Of the Universe Newton
Nursed fertile thoughts!
Einstein with his
Mathematical ideas
Crossed the borders
Opened the doors of the Universe!
Sitting pretty
He pierced through the Universe
Through his mathematical quiz!
During the solar eclipse
Light particles of the stars
From the long distance
Swerved a little
As observed by him.
The scientists who saw
Were awe and wonder struck!
Had Einstein lived today
The age of the Computers
Sure would have taken us
On a grand tour of the Universe!



Gradually taken the film of the Universe
And to show us the Universe in its totality
Hubble indeed is the pet son of the world!
It is not Hubble alone is hanging
The device that measures the Microwave
From a distance of ten lakhs kilometers
You and me, the Earth and Sea
Air and the Sun with galaxies around
Spend our time while on the hanging!
With the economic strength
The great people of this world
Should hold Hubble
Make it stand erect and make it hang
For ever and eternity!

Image result for Images Sun with galaxies



I am happy to share with my esteemed Viewers that with today’s 78th view at 19..00 hours on Tuesday the 1st November, the total views of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com crossed SIXTY SIX THOUSAND mark in the Blog’s 617th day and 652nd post. Thanks aplenty. Kindly continue your support.



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