ALL SOULS DAY is today.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - The Day of the Dead (1859).jpg

“ALL SOULS DAY” is today-to sing in praise of all the souls dear dead
Humans entered the earth have to make their exit one day- not ahead
Unknown and unknowable is predetermined by the Lord of Death
While alive rush to do good to all-known and unknown, good and bad!

Death is only for the body and not to the soul many believe
Wages for the wrongs committed is death many believe right
Souls dead or alive have to be noble and great to serve the world
Deserve to be praised and sung for the services great rendered bold!

Churches all over observe Allhallowtide for three days- All Saints Day
All Souls Day and Halloween Day observed with respect and piety
Let the world all over irrespective of faiths sing in praise of
The souls of the dear ones dead, for all their good deeds done  for the world!


I am happy to share with my esteemed Viewers that with  78th view at 19..00 hours on Tuesday the 1st November, the total views of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in crossed SIXTY SIX THOUSAND mark in the Blog’s 617th day and 652nd post. Thanks aplenty. Kindly continue your support.



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