HOUSEWIFE’S DAY-3rd November.


House wife is not simply a housewife attending to the needs of all
She is GRIHA LAKSHMI- Goddess of Prosperity of HOME-quite tall.
Rightly described as HOME MAKER-she converts the HOUSE into a HOME
Showing love and affection, keeping home neat and tidy-happy home!

Today is HOUSEWIFE’S DAY and a day to show our gratefulness to mom
Beloved, wife darling, aunt exciting, sister sincere, lady lovely
Carrying responsibilities of making home a heaven for all
What a great creation of God, the Almighty-in HIS compassion!

Culture changes and she is becoming a working woman-my God
Carrying a duel role additional duties extra work my Lord
Let us on this holy day respect, revere, love and show GREAT affection
That will make QUEENS AND GODDESSES OF HOMES noble- in admiration!




2 thoughts on “HOUSEWIFE’S DAY-3rd November.

  1. Sir, why dual responsibility? it is multiple tasks they shoulder! While women across globe are reverred and respected, they are glorified in our country, for, it is our women carry all the burden, integrate the family, maintain morale and thus ensure the “Institution of Family system” is strengthened. We respect womanhood.


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