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Fifty years behind we are
In the world of Computers!
Indeed it is sad!
May India be filled to the brim
Here and now
With Nano science and Technology!
Elementary school level
Not excluded
May Nano science be included
In an easy way, in its syllabus!
Scientific technology
We have in our palms
Let Nano science and technology
Be brought to our finger tips
And may it become the truth and reality!


The Earth rotates itself
At a speed of thousand miles an hour!
Goes around the Sun
At a speed of seventy two
Thousand miles an hour!
This the Earth does
Carrying hundred miles height of
The atmosphere- region of air
And its three fourths water
Down the depth of seven miles!
Natural it is
We will have earth quakes, volcanoes
Tsunamis and their fierce wrath!
Upper layers of the Earth
The continents
Move slow and float!
The earth controlling the temperature
Goes on with its duty
And cools the self and the world!

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