Image result for Images for Chaos Never Ends Day 2016.

Life gifted by the Lord Almighty in all HIS compassion is nice
How one leads his life is in fact a matter of his own hands and mind
Joy or sorrow, health – good or bad, poor or rich- pairs of opposites,
Need not sap one’s energy and enthusiasm and lead to chaos!

Man in his present day fast food culture rarely finds time to relax
Dwelve into calmness, releasing the mental and physical strain-Tax
Indeed to be paid for a living on this earth peaceful and pleasant
Here is a day “CHAOS NEVER DIES” DAY observed not quite unpleasant!

That perfect, quiet moment we strive for and do hope may come never
The wise have to understand and accept this fact of life for ever
Chaos around and within us can not be ended but to be endured
To keep away from depression and disgust-by HIS grace be subdued!

Image result for Fighting Chaos- Indian way-images.

Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik gives final touches to his sand sculpture at Puri beach.


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