The great Creator of this magnificent Universe! My Lord!
Thee in thy compassion has taught me and my fellow beings- God
His ways and means to bless, correct when treading a path in correct
Through religions and faiths different all over the world perfect!

Here is a new faith for going HIGHER DEEPER BEYOND to those
Who believe and take to the course sincere and serious sure whose
Efforts can never fail but give dividends rich to meet success
That is INFINTTHEISM and this day sacred INFINITHEISM day!

INFINITHEISM – a strong faith-infuses in all
Who believe in faith which leads to God and religion!
Infiniprayer: Feeling thy presence.
Feeling thy grace.
Feeling thy radiance.
You are my source of faith & strength.
You are my path & destination.
And I am always connected to you.
Nothing of me & everything of you.
Lead me higher… Lead me deeper… Lead me beyond… Lead me to you.

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