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God in HIS immense compassion created this world glorious
Knows well disparities in the human beings bound to be there
Depending upon acts of the past good or bad inglorious
Make them depend on the one or the other everywhere!

God opens another door when and where one or the other closed
Through channel one or the other to help and assist the poor dazed
One is the creation of people philanthropic minded sure
Who rush to the help of the poor and needy when in distress pure!

Today is NATIONAL PHILANTHROPIC DAY observed all over
To think and thank the noble tribe who by their thoughts and deeds ever
Help and donate their best for all good things- food or education
Sure they care not for others words of praise or appreciation!



Image result for Images for National Philanthropy Day 2016

My dear esteemed Viewers,

Good Morning.As I return from Vijyawada after attending the glorious INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL POETS MEET as a POET DELEGATE on 13th and 14th, I am greeted with the information that ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed its 68000 views on 13th, Sunday on its 628th day and 664th post.  My hearty thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


N V Subbaraman


Kindly click the following link and enjoy reading:


Chapter 57


அதிகாரம் 57

வெருவந்த செய்யாமை

(கொடுமைகள்  செய்யாதிருத்தல்)

in the INDIAN PERIODICAL. Kindly place your scholarly comment below the article itself where a provision has been made so that all the viewers can see the same.
You may also view THE PERSON OF THE WEEK- NV SUBBARAMAN by clicking the following link. Thanks.



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