OCCULT DAY is today.

Image result for Occult day 2016-Indian form

OCCULTISM the art and science of super naturalism,
Practice of which opens up a world new showing mysticism
No harm or black magic is meant but ennobling and enchanting
Making the individual to have an experience thrilling!

OCCULT DAY is today when we cultivate the spiritual self
Magical-the practice mystical means make us live more honest
More complete, fuller life in joy and mystery-ennobling us
A part of spiritual evolution – makes us glorious!

Supernatural powers and strength accruing as a result
Of practice of occultism is based on Science-without
Which no life for the human beings-greatest creation of
The Almighty-Omnipotent and Omniscient and Omnipresent!

Occult Day

Friday  18th Nov, 2016 is   Occult Day…



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