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In the creation of the Lord Almighty pairs of opposites
Are wonderful and inevitable –part of our lives-exquisite
Good and bad, strong and weak, health and sickness several opposites
Human beings have to learn to put up with lest peace the victim!

Good and bad indeed are relative and subjective varying
With the individuals-and God has given powers to us
To meet boldly sans fear and distress-all to keep on trying
Till bad yields place to good, sickness to good health-magnanimous!

Bad today may not last till tomorrow-day will be better
Yesterday is gone, today is better than yesterday smarter!
“Have a bad day” worst –tomorrow cannot be worse than today
It is HIS will to be accepted and with willpower let us brave bold!

Image result for Images for the Bad bad day 2016.


2 thoughts on ““HAVE A BAD DAY” DAY.

  1. Most valuable lines. I have been in public life for over four decades. On 31st October 1984, our beloved Indira ji was assisnated cruelly. It was a saddest moment in my life as a member of the public life.. It was my prayer on that day that such tragedies should not recur in my country. In the light of this your poetic lines assume relevence and importance. (to-day Indiraji’s birth anniversary).

    The great Vidhura counsels to accept His will with willpower and patience. Then only He rejoices, Vidhura tells the world.

    Afterall our scriptures are the guidelines in our day to day lives and the entire life even.


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