Milk, nectar from heaven made available by God
Lord Almighty creating living beings to feed
The young ones right from the day born in this noble earth
Young and old, sick and healthy, male or female till death!

Pig or dog, goat or cow, woman or any female
Is blessed by God to feed the young ones to be hale
With milk- essential food from the moment of birth
All through the years of life up to the end called death!

National Milk day is today recalling its value,
No adulteration, no extra hydration, thank you
Producers for your sacred service to the Society
On this holy day the people salute you with piety!

Cow indeed is deemed to be God-GOMATHA.


4 thoughts on “NATIONAL MILK DAY-26/11

  1. The reported necessity of milk from birth to death is rightly projected in apt words by the poet. In olden days majority of the people were fortunate to get original milk. Now we are forced to have it in the form of packets. Even then it is the best source of food from cradle to grave.


  2. It is timely and appropriate. Andal, in her hymn, declared that Cows are great for they give bounfiful milk that is essential for human beings, particularly children. Of all the living beings, Cows are reverreds as Godess Gomathaa as, according to our scriptures fourteen logaas are in its stomach.

    India, according to the statistics available, is the second largest milk producer, thanks to the Cows’ population.

    The above are only representative reasons, but the importance and sigjificance are larger than told.


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