Fought against the formidable British for decades
Knife less, gun less, in a nonviolent manner-no shade
Of enmity and hatred-hall mark of Karam Chand Gandhi
Father of our nation noble-caste-less, creed-less-shanthi!

World’s greatest democracy blossomed under Mahatmaji
Government was formed under the leadership of Nehruji
Developed tremendous to the chagrin of neighbors
To the awe and wonder of the world nations harbor!

Greatest Republic was born giving unto ourselves
Sacred Constitution of India framed by the great
Not to be tampered with narrow minded rulers to be
Secularism, equality of all in the eyes of Law!

November twenty sixth “Indian Constitution Day”
To be observed and honored by all on the great day
Resolving to uphold the honor and dignity of all
Never let down with thoughts and deeds-to make the Nation tall!

No place for narrow parochialism, regionalism
All irrespective of language and religion walk fast
Walk with pride carrying the poor and have-nots to the last
Abiding by the Law of the land under all times and climes!

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