Dr. Ambedkar Day

Many stalwarts under the leadership of Father of Our Nation
Through non-violent means got my India- Bharath freed with passion
From the British and made India free and biggest democracy
Sacrificing all in their personal lives for life for the country!

Great indeed is freeing the nation from the strong British foreign yoke
Greater indeed is keeping the free country on sound footing -a coke!
Many noble and patriotic souls worked together to make us great
Nehru, Patel, Rajaji, Ambedkar, T T K and scores-delight!

Baba Saheb contributed a lot for drafting the Constitution
Ambedkar’s role in giving a status to the oppressed and depressed
Was tremendous indeed -a great social reformer in his own right
His day is today and the Nation salutes him for what all he did straight!


2 thoughts on “Dr. Ambedkar Day

  1. Dr. Ambedkar is proof that parentage is not the cause of poor education. The society contributes a lot towards building a child’s interest in the things going on around him/her.


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