Voice of Valluvar



படைகுடி கூழ்அமைச்சு நட்புஅரண் ஆறும்
உடையான் அரசருள் ஏறு.

Padaikudi koozh amaichchu natpuaraN aarum
Udaiyaan arasaruL aeru.

Lion among the kings
Blessed with good people, troops
Wealth, forts, council, friends!

Among the kings, he is the lion blessed with six aspects viz strong forces, noble subjects, plenty of food grains, good Ministers, good friendship and high security. This is a chapter dealing with kings of those days and their governance; equally applicable to the present democracies as well.


அஞ்சாமை ஈகை அறிவு ஊக்கம் இந்நான்கும்
எஞ்சாமை வேந்தற்கு இயல்பு.

Anjaamai eekai arivu ookkam innaangum
Enjaamai vaendharkku iyalbu.

Courage, charity,
Knowledge and zeal are traits great
Add king’s dignity!

Fearlessness, charity, deep knowledge and wisdom and great enthusiasm – the one who is blessed with plenty indeed becomes a good king and Governor.


தூங்காமை கல்வி துணிவுடைமை இம்மூன்றும்
நீங்கா நிலன்ஆள் பவர்க்கு.

Thoongaamai kalvi thuNivudaimai immoondrum
Neengaa nilanaazh pavarkku,

Alertness, learning,
Bravery sure provide strength
To the king yearning!

Taking action without delay, complete knowledge born out of education, boldness- these three virtues must always be the strength of a king.


அறன்இழுக்காது அல்லவை நீக்கி மறன்இழுக்கா
மானம் உடையது அரசு.

Aran izhukkaadhu allavai neekki maranizhkkaa
Maanam udaiyadhu arasu.

King he is who sure
Holds justice, courage, morals
High and noble pure!

Maintaining justice while ruling, good valor and skill to be constantly aware of his name- the king who is blessed with these indeed prove to be a great king/ruler.n


இயற்றலும் ஈட்டலும் காத்தலும் காத்த
வகுத்தலும் வல்லது அரசு.

Iyatralum eettalum kaaththalum kaaththa
Vaguththalum valladhu arasu.

He is king noble
Who makes, stores, guards, puts to use
The wealth for all stable!

Creating wealth, storing his wealth, guarding the saved, proper distribution among the subjects – important functions of the king/ the ruler.


காட்சிக்கு எளியன் கடுஞ்சொல்லன் அல்லனேல்
மீக்கூறும் மன்னன் நிலம்.

Katchikku eLiyan kadunjchollan allanael
MeekkooRum mannan wilam.

The world will applaud
The king easy to access
Sweet and kind gives nod!

The king who is easily accessible to his subjects, who speaks sweet words shunning the harsh ones and who is kind to the people will be admired by the society.


இன்சொலால் ஈத்துஅளிக்க வல்லார்க்குத் தன்சொலால்
தான்கண் டனைத்துஇவ் வுலகு.

Insolaal eeththu aLikka vallaarkkuth thansolaal
Thaan kaNdanaiththuiv vulagu.

By words of wisdom
Compassion, guards the people
King’s divine kingdom!

Fame name and popularity visit the king automatically who has compassion and kind words towards his subjects.


முறைசெய்து காப்பாற்றும் மன்னவன் மக்கட்கு
இறைஎன்று வைக்கப் படும்.

Murai seydhu kaappaatrum mannavan makkatku
Irai endru vaikklappadum.

Punish the guilty
Guard the innocent and all
Deemed Divine plenty!

The king who fails not to punish the guilty and protects the good and innocent will be deemed to be God by his people.


செவிகைப்பச் சொற்பொறுக்கும் பண்புடை வேந்தன்
கவிகைக்கீழ்த் தங்கும் உலகு.

Sevikaippach chorporukkum paNpudai vaenthan
Kavikaik keezth thaangkum ulagu.

The world rests on him
Where noble king minds not insult
Keeps his subjects trim!

The kingdom will be under his care where the king minds not the insults and keeps his subjects well and contented.


கொடைஅளி செங்கோல் குடிஓம்பல் நான்கும்
உடையான்ஆம் வேந்தர்க்கு ஒளி.

KodaiaLi sengkoal kudioambal naangum
Udaiyaan aam vaendharkku oLi.

Nice tenets four gross
Bounty, justice, care and grace
Strength your life draws!

The king who is great in giving, speaking with smiling face, keeping the people safe and secured, providing good justice will be a role model for other kings/the rulers.


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