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“Time and tide waits for none”- rightly said! Moving finger writes and having writ moves on. It seems as though ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com was launched just yesterday! As my esteemed viewers know the blog carries a post every day without exception from 28 th February 2015 and every fiftieth post will be the TALE OF A BLOGGER and today 18th December 2016 carries 700th post and hence it is TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 14!  It is 642nd day and that implies that on a few days more than one post is made!

I attribute this to the grace of the Almighty and the affection of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries as otherwise total views would not have crossed SEVENTY TWO THOUSAND.

Part1  Post No.        Date                       Total Views
Part 09 (450) 16/4/16                              37577
Part 10 (500) 05/6/16.                             43375
Part 11(550) 24/7/16.                              49983
Part12 (600) 11/9/16.                              57730
Part13 (650) 30/10/16         .                  65513
Part 14 (700)18/12/16.                           72400

Time taken for every thousand views since the last TALE on 30/10/16:

65000   crossed on 26/10/16     646th view.  6days- 6 views
66000                      .01/11/16     652nd                6days- 6views
67000                      07/11/16      658th        6 days-6views
68000                     13/11/16.    664th           6days-6views
69000                    20/11/16.     671st.         7days-7views
70000                  26/11/16.      677th          6days-6views
71000                  04/12/16,      685th           8days-8views
72000                 12/12/16.              693rd.                8days-8views.
During the period between Part 13 and part 14, besides my Monday-Saturday posts, Sunday Stories have carried Viewers View on Envius Thoughts Part XI and Visitor’s Voice Part IV.
were published to the joy of viewers and especially of Mr. OKR Sivagnanam who is at present with his daughter in US and Mr. Rajeev Jha of Bilaspur.


“Those Indeed were  the Days in Life” Part I and Part II and “IN THE POETS’WORLD on the Banks of River Krishna”, were all published in this  Blog bringing out the pleasant memories  of our  (mine and of my ward S. Nivetha) experiences as Poet Delegates in the “International Multilingual Poets Meet” held on 13th and 14th November at Vijayawada, the capital of newly formed Andhra Pradesh where the All India Record making Anthology “AMARAVATI PRISM 2016” of  527 poems in 53 languages was unveiled by the Hon.’ble Chief Minister of AP. The anthology was curated by   the Cultural Center of Vijayawada and Amaravati, Department of Language and Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Department and Granules. The event was excellently organized by MALAXMI under the great guidance of respected Poet Madam Padmaja Iyengar, Vijayawada.  These three posts may please be referred to in the archives of the ENVIUS THOUGHTS November-December, if any of my esteemed viewers could not find time to read earlier.

17 year old,  class XII student from a leading school in Chennai Miss. Nivetha was the youngest poet  delegate  presenting her English poem titled “FRIENDSHIP-VALUES AND VIRTUES” in the Meet and was the cynosure of all eyes of more than 120 delegates from India and abroad.

Some of the related photos are given in this post too.

Wide media coverage- pre and post Meet- were given and a detailed reference has been made in my posts referred to above.


Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

The week gone by, left a trail of sufferings and sorrows, loss of properties and persons, uprooted trees numbering more than 70000, disrupting the life and making Chennai and many parts of Tamilnadu still by the cyclone “vardah” and heavy rains.
Here is a poem in Tamil and its English version that was triggered by the sufferings:

ஏன் இந்தக் கோபம்?

காற்றே உனக்கு ஏனிந்தக் கோபம்-பேய்க்
காற்றே உனக்கு ஏனிந்த வேகம்?
தூற்றுவார் தமைக் கண்டு உள்ளம் தான் நொந்தாயோ-உனைப்
போற்றுவார் இல்லையென உள்ளம்தான் வெந்தாயோ?
ஆற்றாமை என்கின்ற பேய்ப்பிடியில் விழுந்தாயோ
கொல்லாமை9 என்கின்ற நல்வாக்கு மறந்தாயோ?
பெரு மரங்கள் சாய்வதையே கண்குளிரப் பார்த்தாயோ/
பல உயிர்கள் மாய்வதையே கருத்ததனில் கொண்டாயோ?

தண்ணீரே உனக்கு ஏனிந்தக் கோபம் எம்
கண்ணீரைக் காண்[பதற்கே ஏனிந்தத் தாபம்?
வண்ணமுற வாழ்வதையே காணச்சகியாயோ-யாம்
விண்ணதிர அழுவதிலேபெருமகிழ்வு கொள்வாயோ?

ஆயிரம்பேர் குடிசைதனை அடித்துச் சென்றாயே – பல
ஆயிரம்பேர் உணவதனைப் பறித்துத் தின்றாயே!
நல்லோர்கள் பல்லோரை அடித்துக் கொன்றாயே
எல்லோர் வீட்டினையும் மகிழ்விழக்கச் செய்தாயே.

இயற்கைதனை வென்று விட்டோம் என்ற எம்
செருக்கதனை அறுத்திடவே வந்தாயோ?
இறையதனை மறந்துவிட்ட மக்களுக்கு- இறை
அறிவதனை தந்திடவே வந்தாயோ?

எல்லாம் எம்மால் முடியும் என்ற எம்
பொல்லா மமதைதனை நீக்கிடவே வந்தாயோ
நல்லோராய் எல்லோரும் வாழ்ந்திடவே எல்லோர்க்கும்
நல்வழியைக் காட்டுதற்கு வேண்டுமென்றே வந்தாயோ?

In English:


Oh! Wind, why this anger-ghostly
Wind why this speed so fast, nasty?
Were you annoyed with those who curse you
Were you disgusted that none to praise you?

Have you fallen into the ghostly grip of ‘inability?’
Have you forgotten the wisdom of non-killing?-stability.
Did you enjoy the uprooting of big trees to your heart’s content,
Did you intend to see the death of the hundreds to soul’s intent?

Oh! Water, why this anger for years
Why this passion to watch our tears?
Can’t you put up with our joyous living
Find pleasure in seeing our wild wailing?
You washed away the huts of thousands
Snatched away the food of millions.
Slaughtered scores of the souls noble
Denied the happiness of homes-unstable!

Did you come to root out our ego
That we have conquered nature long ago?
Did you come to inject the thoughts of the Almighty
Which has been forgotten by many not slightly?

Did you come to wipe out our awful feeling
That we are capable of moving the earth-never reeling?
Did you come to transform the people
And show them the path of life virtuous- not to topple?
Yes; such nature’s fury is just to correct the erring society. If the humanity ignores, it has to meet with greater perils not in distant future.

Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

People looking at an uprooted tree during a heavy storm caused by Cyclone Vardah in Chennai


Man comes across several occasions absolutely un- anticipated – God as if to test the tenacity of the individuals creates! One such-may appear to be silly or childish to many is this “post vardah Blog Maintenance”. My esteemed viewers might have observed my passion for this and in fact I have many an occasion expressed that this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS maintenance is one of the three things in the world that I cherish and nourish.  Probably that is the secret behind SEVEN HUNDRETH POST today in SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY SECOND DAY – without a break even for a day since 28th February 2015. There arose a challenge to me post Vardah- the deafening cyclone, and shattering rains- of course it is a different matter that the rains have not helped in any way the worsening water storage for the coming summer in 2017!

No electric power plunging the city in devastating darkness continuously for hours on several nights and very poor lights during the day time. No telephone-no internet and hence no communication-OMG!

To the extent possible, I will schedule my posts for a few days ahead and that stood by my Blog up to 15th. Whenever I am in dire straits in this area, my second son-a journalist by profession in Bangaluru will come to my rescue. When a phone connection is available, I will dictate my 12/16 lines poems over phone he will straightaway take it to my Blog through his computer! As of now, at 6.05 hours on 16th I do not know   how this post will appear as the Blog’s 700th post on 642nd day. It is said that God Almighty opens another door when one is shut! May be my net connectivity is restored in another44 hours or somewhere in my neighborhood so that I can take this in my pen drive and post it from available system/connection!!!!!

Thanks my dear and esteemed viewers and this much is for this Tale and we shall meet through the THOUGHTS regularly. Kindly lend your inspiring support by regularly viewing and responding! GOOD Bye till then.


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