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(Section 1 Part1- DREAM)

We have seen the autobiography of great and noble persons from all over the world. To me the greatest impact was made by the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, one of my three mentors from his heavenly abode – சத்திய சோதனை- in Tamil and “MY EXPERIMENT WITH TRUTH” partly written when he was undergoing imprisonment for his anti- national activities of fighting for freedom from the foreign yoke!

Here is from my another mentor which is slightly different from the others. This has about 530 lines in 66 stanzas in 2 parts and I hope to bring out my translation in English and original in Tamil for the benefit of my esteemed viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in in the days to come. I am sure you will receive the same as enthusiastically as you have been to all my posts of Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s songs viz Cuckoo’s Song,  Puthiya Aththi Soodi, On the White Lotus and some more in this blog earlier. .

  1. கனவு

”பொய்யாய்ப் பழங்கதையாய்க் கனவாய்

மெல்லப் போனதுவே”

—- பட்டினத்துப் பிள்ளை



வாழ்வு முற்றும் கனவெனக் கூறிய

மறைவ லோர்தம் உரைபிழை யன்றுகாண்.

தாழ்வு பெற்ற புவித்தவக் கோலங்கள்

சரத மன்றெனல் யானும் அறிகுவேன்;

பாழ்கடந்த பரநிலை யென்றவர்

பகரும் அந்நிலை பார்த்திலன். பார்மிசை

ஊழ்க டந்து வருவதும் ஒன்றுண்டோ?

உண்மை தன்னிலோர் பாதி யுணர்ந்திட்டேன்.       (1)



  1. Dream

As an untruth, a story old and a dream

It has all faded away in the stream…….

Saint Pattinaththaar.


‘The whole life is a dream’ –the Vedic verse

Is not wrong –understand and realize.

The base worldly pomp and pleasure I know

Impermanent clear; I have not seen that

“Supreme State beyond the void” it is said.

Is there on earth something that comes beyond

What is that fate called destiny? Till now

I have known only a part of the truth.




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