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N V Subbaraman addressing a gathering in Kodaikanal.(Tamilnadu)

Out of innumerable viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS there are a few who regularly give a response often quite inspiring and make the Blog continue despite the strain and stress involved in maintaining the Blog with a daily posting.
Mr. K V V S Prasad. was my colleague when I was with LIC of India, a great Organization from which I retired almost 16 years ago. We served together in Kadapa Division of Andhra Pradesh. After his superannuation he is settled in his native town Vishakapatnam. He is one of the communicating viewers and this Sunday story gives his responses to the ENVIUS THOUGHTS which I am sure will prove an interesting read.
True words of wisdom came from the depth of your heart Reflecting present day society Nobody bothers for your voice Though it is the voice of the commons None has time to think though it is thought of the millions
Young readers’ day is interesting and reading is a tool to enhance the intellectual levels of young minds. Reading is happiness!
Festival of lights Deepavali, celebrated to mark the win of good over evil is a matter of delight to children. It should, as your message means, be celebrated noise free and pollution free to keep dumb animals free from anxiety and protect atmosphere.”दीपज्योतिः परब्रह्म दीपज्योतिर्जनार्दनः । दीपो हरतु मे पापं दीपज्योतिर्नमोऽस्तुते ॥” “Diipa-Jyotih Para-Brahma Diipa-Jyotir-Janaardanah | Diipo Haratu Me Paapam Diipa-Jyotir-Namostute ||” “Salutations to the Light of the Lamp, The Light of the Lamp represents the Supreme Brahman, the Light of the Lamp represents Janardhana (Sri Vishnu), Let the Light of the Lamp Remove My Sins; Salutations to the Light of the Lamp.” “May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into your Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health. Happy Deepawali, Sir. Regards ” signifies Knowledge and let the festival mark the beginning of a new awakening Sir May this Festival of Lights Bring you peace,prosperity,happiness and health to you and all your family members Sir.
A nation is its people-not sand and stones -opined Mahakavi Gurajaada. Exactly Ma Kavi(Sri NVS) -opined the same way bringing out the emotions involved in showing Solidarity with our nation ! Great is the sacrifice of our armed forces in protecting our country and it is our duty to A nation is its people-not sand and stones -opined Mahakavi Gurajaada . Great is the sacrifice of our armed forces in protecting our country and it is our duty to unite as one and show Solidarity. There is no second opinion on this SIR .Greetings!
The Avishkar of universe, the state and intensity of microwaves ,the scientific nature of these waves, the celestial rules and laws are all well brought out by you Sir!


Yet another day so sweet from you Sir! Now literally sweet too! Taking birth, getting educated, loving people, discharging responsibilities, keeping values in life, getting enlightened with the feel of the noble , constant Enrichment are forms sweet in life! Thank you for your sweet words!


Student life, aptly defined by you as life shaping period is a great phase of life.Your idea is highly valuable. Thank you sir.


World sight day, perhaps meant for awareness on eyesight. Excellent

The evolution and journey of Blog was nicely described by you. It is nice information.
Universe the chariot is again a master piece .Mysteries of universe are still unknown.
Your description is a flow of information educative and in-depth .My congratulations.
The Indian Air Force Day commemorated is nice. We salute the Noble Service in the defense of our Country.
I know about Teacher’s day on 5th Sept but not about World Teacher’s day a month later Thank you for the information.
Teacher is always respected as Gurudev. Really he is the torch bearer in shaping the society
Teachers are always respected and regarded in Indian ethos.


Great Leader Great Warrior!


Congrats Sir


True in Spirit and sincere in actions faithful in his belief The Great Warrior with his two weapons Truth and Ahimsa showed the world how powerful he was. Kings bowed their heads in reverence. Monarchs saluted him Breathing the air of independence let us fill our minds with Gratitude as a mark of respect to the Great Warrior!


Forgiving is a great quality but very difficult to practice. Age and experience are facilitators to imbibe this great quality which keeps the body and mind cool. Great people like you are real examples of forgiveness. Your assertion that one should not forget one’s mistakes is appealing!


Hinduism is our way of life. It is rightly said that it is Ganesha who removes all the obstacles in life and receives the Agrspuja as Adhinayaka. He is worshiped by children as the Giver of Knowledge and thus the habit of worshiping him from childhood takes root in the little minds .I still cherish my childhood memories and pray the Lord for peace and well being of the society now!

Image result for Photos in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in

Mr. Prasad garlanding N V Subbaraman in a function at Kadapa (AP)


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