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I was indeed delighted at an invitation from the internationally acclaimed poet from Nellore Shri Perugu Ramammurthy whom I first met in the International Literary Festival held at Trivandrum on 27th and 28th December 2014- a Festival for Poets, Writers and Authors and again at the International Multilingual Poets Meet held in Vijayawada on 13th and 14th November this year. The invitation was to present a Tamil poem in the Flamingo Poets Meet at Sullurpeta Andhra Pradesh on the theme Migrated Birds.

Though the invitation was received on Monday, when the event was to take place on Saturday, I grabbed at the great opportunity and got ready to participate with my poem in Tamil and its translation into English and Telugu!

The day came. Two more were to go to the Meet from Chennai. It so happened that Malayalam Poet Shrimathi Pankajam Kottaram from Chennai with whom and her friends I along with my ward the young poet Miss.S. Nivetha travelled together to Vijayawada by flight for the International Multilingual Poets Meet, me and the Malayalam Poet travelled again to a Poets Meet at Sullurpeta by train Janshadapti!

Return trip was a little awful in the sense the train was behind the schedule by two hours and as I had to attend an important event in Chennai where I was to be honored for the organizers’ perceived contribution of mine to Tamil poetry world! I rushed and attended the function and returned home safe and sound after 21.30 hours.


N V Subbaraman being presented with the award KAVI NILAVU by Prof. M S Chandrasekar.




In the wonderful creations of the Omnipotent Almighty, birds and animals have an important role to play for the general society and give a great message to the human beings!

Flamingo poetry Festival



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To understand and appreciate this statement, one should have attended the first of its kind FLAMINGO POETRY FESTIVAL 2016 in a pleasant, serene and congenial environment at the Gokulakrishna  Engineering College, Sullurpeta on 24th December convened by the International Poet Dr. Perugu Ramakrishna with Mr. Vice Chancellor of Vikrama Simhapuri University Prof.  Dr. Veeriah and Mr. A.Md. Imtiaz IAS, Joint Collector –SPSR Nellore District in the august presence of Dr. Subbarama Reddy, the Principal of the College.


Twenty Five South Indian Poets participated in the Flamingo Festival and presented poems in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam,  English, Hindi and Sanskrit on the theme MIGRATORY BIRDS. The festival was sponsored by PEN INDIA-(Kolkata Pen Center), AP Tourism and the Gokulakrishna Engineering College. Twenty Five South Indian Poets rendered their poems.  About five hundred intelligent literary loving, Engineering students of the College and Faculty members constituted the elite audience.


Mrs. Harshavardhini, staff of the College was the Master of Ceremony. Five students invoked the blessings of Ganesha and Mother in a pleasant prayer song in Sanskrit.

Dr. Perugu Ramakrishna, organizer and Poet from Nellore extended a warm welcome to the audience and explained in chaste Telugu and English the significance of the Festival and the reasons for holding the same in Sullurpeta where there was a bird sanctuary to which lots of birds migrate from different parts of the world during this season.

Vice –Chancellor in his address emphasized on the role that can be played by the Engineering students in maintaining the ecology, control of global warming and environmental protection which are required more at this juncture than other aspects of life and living. He also informed how the University is performing a new role by introducing Environmental Engineering either as a separate Branch or a part of the curriculum in Civil Engineering. He exhorted the students to take interest in poetry a part of literature in any language of their choice so that they can play a pivotal role in the development of society and the nation taking pride in the concept of “unity in diversity”. He paid rich compliments to the poets assembled and presented their poems on the theme.  The address was quite interesting, informative and educative.

Joint Collector Mr. A Md. Imitiaz greatly appreciated holding this unique Festival in the right place and the right time and appreciated the Principal and the convener for the excellent way the Festival has been organized.  He assured the assistance by the Government for maintaining the sanctuary to attract greater migration. He paid rich tributes to the poets who have come from different parts of the South to make this Festival quite memorable. The address was veru inspiring to the students and others.

Dr. Subbarama Reddy, the Principal was recollecting his old days in his native place near Sullurpeta on  how the birds migrate from other places to his village,  educational pattern in Engineering- past and present, how the students should adapt to the changing needs of the time and society just as the migratory birds do in their lives etc. The address was indeed quite interesting. .

The following poets presented their poems which were greatly appreciated by the audience:


  • Telugu: 1. Mr. Eswar Nallapa Reddy, Kadapa
  • Sanskrit: Mr Allur Bhaskar Reddy, Sullurpeta.
  • Tamil: N V Subbaraman , Chennai- “SAIBERIAP PARAVAIGAL”

(4)     Malayalam: 1 Mrs. Pamnkajam Kottarath, Chennai.

  1. Mr. Kumbengadu Unnikrishnan, Chennai.

(5) English: B L Rao

(6) Hindi: 1  Dr. Iliaz

  1. Ainapurapu Ramalingesvara Rao


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Poet N V Subbaraman is honored by the Joint Collector, Nellore on the occasion.

Other ten poets also rendered there poems in Telugu.


All the poems were based on the theme “MIGRATORY BIRDS” and the poets and audience were in the wonderland of Flamingos as the poets presented so nicely  how the nature has created the climate needed for the birds, how dynamic, intelligent were birds that do not find it difficult to fly thousands of miles from different parts of the world to the southern part of India to the different bird sanctuaries with their tender feathers and without the aid and help of any mariners’ compass, radar or the computer GPS(Global Positioning System) etc.

The birds have devised their own system of deciding the seasons for migration, pilot birds, coming in batches, mating, procreating, getting back to their territories soon after the season changes. The lessons that these migratory bird teaches the human beings who are taunted by the fury of nature in the form of cyclone, floods, earth quake, tsunami, famines etc that pose a great challenge to their wisdom and strength. Man wails and blames his destiny but fail to take lessons from the migratory birds.


Several Telugu newspapers covered the Festival elaborately.


Deccan Chronicle, Nellore Edition published the following report on the Festival on 26th December.

Displaying FPF deccan.jpg


Thus there was everything to be proud of and remain green in the lives of poets who could participate in the FLAMINGO FESTIVAL on 24th December 2016, last of the literary festivals  attended in the year that has rolled out yesterday!



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