VAIKUNDA EKADASI is tomorrow! (8/1/17)


Image result for Images of Srirangam Vaikunta Ekadasi festival

                                Vaikunda Ekadasi in Srirangam, Tamilnadu

India that is Bharath- my holy Motherland
Indeed is a punya bhumi- very sacred land
Vasudeiva kutumbakam- universe our home
Accommodating all faiths and religions wholesome.

All religions have their principles and practices
Aimed at making the people noble and human
All to follow meticulously with advantages
A boon indeed to the humans through tradition.

Vaikuntha Ekadashi is tomorrow the day
Shukla paksha Ekadashi the holy day
Of Dhanur month December –January; all
Devotees enter the gate to Lord’s Sanctum tall!

Image result for Images of Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple sorgavasal opening.

Gate of Vaikuntam opening in Triplicane, Chennai on the holy day of VAIKUNTHA EKADASHI.


3 thoughts on “VAIKUNDA EKADASI is tomorrow! (8/1/17)

  1. In Mr. Subbaraman’s initiatives, no good thing would be left untouched. His sharing his views are either new information to the persons do not know or triggers their enthusiasm to those know the details to some extent. In case of Vaikunda Ekadhasi, it seeks to give large information from our glorious mythology. None can afford to miss. Those who prostrate before Him on this great day, derive immense benefits, like peace, plenty, prosperity in copious measure and in abundance.


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