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Man is a bundle of feelings, emotions and habits indeed
Good or bad, good and bad matter of opinion-simple seed
That sprouts and grows into a tree big that makes or mars one’s life
Habits last from cradle to the grave- words of wisdom in file!

Taking coffee or tea, good or bad one feels in his own way
Given to addiction bad-within limit all right one may say.
At the instance of Kanchi Acharya  given up coffee-tea
Feeling great- to the envy of many- fifty six years free!

In Ooty or Churu for years temperature touching minus
Doing the difficult audit and inspection mattered little-virus
Of sipping hot tea-coffee by people all around made no dent
Sure  decades long habit from age twenty was an enjoyment!

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2 thoughts on ““GOOD BYE TO COFFEE” DAY!

  1. Anything is just habits cultivated. It is nothing to do with body system. Even without Coffee or Tea one can be active and in fact more active. It is an unwise myth without coffee the work does not start. No doubt there are people addicted to it. They can gradually give up in the best interest of their health and pure blood system. It may not be as bad as other intoxicants. However there should be strong opinion to be led that milk habit should replace this. There could be large number of benefits one can derive, health,savings, etc.If people can’t give up at least they can reduce the number.


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