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Space With Planet Earth, Moon, Sun, Bright Stars And Nebulas.

Continued from the Part 22 posted on 14/12/2016.


Unable to touch the Earth
Those rays of the light
Rush towards other objects.
They go on travelling
Travelling through vacuum too!
Flow towards the magnetic poles
Fly towards them.
They hold, they spread!
In the Earth’s poles
Poles North and South
Magnetic fields are aplenty.
Fertile they are.
Together they are
They shower the magnetic force
They give the essence
Essence showered!
Where we live
What we see as Sun
That gives us life and sustenance
Is a very big space magnet
Attracting magnet
Repelling magnet
Iron magnet
Magnet that pulls
That pushes
Complete magnet
Completely attracting magnet.
Heavy factory
That manufacture
Magnetic fields!
Poisonous magnetic field
Poisonous magnetic fields!


Stars and the Star- Suns
With the power of attraction and pull
Along with their speed
They have power and
Poisonous elements!
They push the magnetic fields
They blow them out
They push them strong in the space
They neck them out
Speed limitless
Being pushed on continuously!
They jump-continue to jump!!
All the planets
Deriving light from the stars
And reflecting
Float with light
Fly with the light
Travel open without hiding.
They hold
They rush
They burn
They become firestone
They become ashes!
As the earth has poles two
In all star-suns
In their sun rays as well
These two poles are active.
In their rays
Magnetic fields, powers,
Speed and energy are aplenty!
Together they are
In plenty and prosperity!

(Part 24 to appear later)


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