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Entire Universe
All galaxies
Filled with light
And identified by light
Celestial events
Magical shows
Mathematical riddles
Provides joy,
Provides light.
And then
Disappear and die!
Again appear
Again and again appear
Reappear, disappear!
In Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
In both the poles
Ever fertile
Never drying
Ever black
Magnetic fields
And flashing magnetic rays
Blink and blink
Eyelids-opening and closing
Speak through their eyes!
These indeed are
The Celestial events
Their basic cause!
In the shape of the skin of a fruit
With another toxic gas like element
With their power
Create celestial light!
These planets beautiful
Adding beauty.
May be
All covered,
Face covered,
As a bed spread
Densely covered!
Like a hidden object
In Nature, by Nature!


Such magnetic fields
Toxic gas fields
Magnetic zones
Living, moving objects
Circling round the universe
All according to
A set rule
A prescribed Law
Mathematical formulae
As the basics of Mathematics
As equations
As scientific truths
Truths of the past and future
Do plunge us in surprise!
Give us shocks
Make us wonder!
Our galaxy
Where we live
Milky Way
Its zone where we breathe
In the Milky Way zone
Milk as a tiny atom
Speeding bullet like atom
As shattering atom
As serious Sun storm
Sun is seated in a corner!
From the center of the Zone
Sun is
Fifty thousand light year away!
Away or jumping
Totters never!
The Sun that gives light and heat
To the corridors of the Milky Way
In the sky it floats at a speed-
Speed of sixty
Six thousand kilometers!
Sun- the great speedster Sun
Needs two and a half light years
To go round the Milky Way galaxy!
The TIME rolls by- just rolls by!


2 thoughts on “UNIVERSE – A CHARIOT ON THE MOVE Part 25

  1. The universe is an organism composed of living beings in all stages of growth, stars like our sun are the visible raiments of bright celestial entities whom we may properly call gods. Far ahead of us in their spiritual evolution, they represent a certain class of beings whose inner aspects are invisible, just as the aspects that make and drive a human being are. The bright disk we see in the sky is not the true sun, but merely the visible effect of its energies on our physical plane. Similarly, electricity per se is invisible, yet we can see an electric spark because the passage of electricity through the resistance of the air makes its effects visible.

    Nice note, Sir.


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