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Flying time flies! Seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, decades………………go on! 2017 is born, yet another Republic Day -68th-has come and gone with usual fun and fair, serious Flag Hoisting, tall speeches, empty promises, one of the three holidays, lovely Republic Day parades in the Capital of my Motherland INDIA that is Bharath, and State District capitals and so on. It is regrettable that many schools have given up the practice of Flag hoisting in the presence of entire school students and staff.

Elders with great expectations of this one of the largest democracies of the world, keeping its head high ever since we won independence in 1947 are a little frustrated at the way the Nation is moving of late.

Reclining in my easy chair at 76, ruminating over the past right from my childhood days, I recollected some of my poems, I thought it fit to share with my esteemed viewers in this week’s SUNDAY STORY and it is here for your kind read and comments.

Last Republic Day in 2016 my post was the following:

Indian Republic sixty seven
Democratic fruits enjoyed to core
Democratic rights availed in full
Democratic values laid in lull!

Rights yielded place to a free license
License to indulge in deeds nonsense
Nonsense leading to atrocities
Beyond all due sensitivities!

Achievements galore, pride on one hand
Atrocities galore, ashamed we stand!

Corrupted mind, stained thoughts, evil deeds
Here and there, everywhere, pity indeed!

Our success and failure, good and bad
Who is responsible- sure I am!
R-day resolve- to all should be same!
“Let me mend my mind, tame my thought
With power of will, evils to be fought
Sure allow not my Motherland rot!

This Republic Day 2017 is this:

Under the giant leadership of Ahimsavadhi Gandhi
With the weapon of non violence and support of millions
The nation came out of the foreign yoke,got freedom at midnight
Of the holy day fifteenth August ninety Forty Seven right!

On this sacred day the twenty sixth of January fifty
We gave to ourselves the great Indian Constitution hefty
With republic day parade showing the culture of our Nation
A day in the year in golden words- to citizens’elation!

Tribute to Lokmanya Tilak on his birth anniversary,
Art and lifestyle of Kutch, model government schools of Delhi, Skill India
And Beti bachao beti padhao are some themes for the tableaux
Let us resolve to keep up our unity and integrity.

The following writings are not in chronological order but they do serve my purpose of this post are very relevant even today!

War you have to win
Lest you make the people thin!

War against
Bewailing belligerency
Chilling child labor
Criminal corruption
Debilitating dishonesty
Demanding diseases
Engulfing exploitation
Ignominious illiteracy
Inglorious injustice
Maddening militancy
Obnoxious obscenity
Pitiable poverty
Terrifying terrorism!

War, war you have to win
Lest you make the world thin!

To say that the world needs an urgent war
To the paragons of peace and harmony,
Yes, by all means, is a cruel blasphemy
Enough is enough, the world has seen so far!

Beset is the world all over with the negatives
Poverty, illiteracy, jealousy, large HIV positives
Avaricious, inhuman, slavish, brutal are men
Sure to be fought against with all our acumen!

’Isms’ are aplenty as we see in this world
Of course positives and negatives in their mould
Negatives adding to our woes, all over, cold,
Positives sure making us great and bold!
Of the negative ‘isms’, ‘terrorism’ is the worst
The brave war to be waged, urgent to the best
For this happy world and its people to survive
With freedom and dignity, past glory to revive!
Terrorism is known all over the world
Terrorism is suffered all over the globe
It needs to be contained and caged
World needs an urgent war to be waged!

Violence and harmful acts against civilians
All aimed at achieving the perpetrator’s goal
Goal in politics, religions, economics, trivial
Driving them to atrocious acts of extremism!

Never an individual, but a group of perverts
Young or old, read or unread, team of converts
To the nefarious, beastly ways of terrorists
To be targeted and eliminated merciless!

In this world peculiar, anything or act justified
In the name of religion, emotions, culture sanctified
Absolutely irreligious, inhuman, sinful and devilish
To Be condemned and eliminated in a pitch feverish!

‘Terrorism’ of different definitions, hues and colors
‘Terrorism’ for different causes, sources and flavors
In any form, in any shade, under any mask
Deserves to be wiped out-a stupendous task!

Absolutely cruel it is to torture and kill
The innocents, children, aged and the women
To torture is to make them mentally ill
Getting killed sudden, not paying for one’s sin!

To live under constant fear of a terrorist strike
Sure worse than a daily death, none would like
Yet to endure is the cruel fate of the world
‘Terrorism put an end to’, will be a happy word!

Major terrorist attacks many, over the years
Defying all human norms-society shedding tears
“Bloody Friday” in 1972 by the PIRA
“Munich massacre” again in 72 at the Olympics
“Vienna OPEC HD.Qrs. in1975
“Bombing of Cubana flight in 1976 killing 73
“Bombing of Air India flight” in1985
“Destruction of Pan Am Flight” in 1988
“Killing of Nicaraguan civilians” during 1980s
“World Trade Centre” bombing in 1993
“Mumbai bombings” in 1983
“AMIA” Bombing in 1994
“Tokyo Gas Attacks” in 1995
“Oklahoma city bombing” in 1995
“Mumbai Train bombings on 11/7/06
“Glasgow Airport” planned attack on 30/6/07
The long list going on endless yonder
Should make the world leaders ponder!
To eliminate terrorism, no sympathy to any cause
‘One man’s terrorist, another man’s freedom fighter’
Surely never a concept acceptable because
In this funny world, ever there’s a justifier!

After every terrorist attack anywhere in the globe
UN asserts “this should have no place in a civilized world”
Governments resolve to put an end at any cost
Society condemns in loudest tones, as never in the past!
Army, police kept alert for a few days
People discussing the possible ways
Forget the seriousness in due course
The world moves faster of course!

World needs an urgent war
Nuclear power can win never!
To root out terrorism once for all
World to devise the ways and means to
Go to the root of the different causes
Find out the forms of various sources
Spread the message of divine love
Sing in praise of powerful peace
Conquer the terrorists by peaceful ways
Truth and nonviolence ideal means
Sure it will be an arduous path-yet
No alternative to traverse the road set!

Beloved poets from all over the globe!
Let’s carry the message all our lives
May be too short a period to succeed
Failure we may face, relentless we be
Poor terrorists know not the power of love
Sure they will see the message right!

(This poem was presented by me in the XXVII World Congress of Poets held in India during 31st August to 7th September 2007)


Oh! My great country, India that is Bharath
Blessed with hills and dales, sky and earth
Strewn with streams and rivers, springs and lakes
Feeding lakhs of acres of arid land
In friendly climate and unfriendly weather
Vast stretch of Earth with different soils – a feather
Giving birth to apple orchards and mango groves
Grape gardens and banana groves
Pulses and cereals, paddy and wheat
Ever green fields up to horizon a treat!

On the hills and in the plains with dense forests
Crores of humans and millions of animals to rest
Getting food and shelter for thousands of years with zest
Forest wealth make our neighbors envy and test
Mines and rocks giving marbles and granite
Everything to exploit and live in peace and plenty!

Fallow lands and barren strips on highland
Inaccessible forests and impregnable inland
Conquered and controlled to live in comforts
Extraordinary edifice of exemplary efforts!

My most Merciful Motherland!

Every inch of entire waste land with potential
If made to yield through magic of human efforts – essential
And make the dream of green revolution a sound reality
Bharath indeed will blossom into veritable Heaven!


Values change, cultures change
Traditions change, thoughts change!

‘Old’ not made its exit yet
Nor ‘new’ made its entry right!

Tradition struggles
Modernity haunts!

Neither here, nor there I am
Unable to make out where I stand!

Betwixt I remain confused
‘Old’ in me pulls me that side
‘Youth’ in me pushes me this side
Know not when I be transfused!

Pains of confusion
Pangs of revulsion
Make life a miserable plight
Amidst this gloom’ Lead kindly light’


At last underground nuclear test
To show India at its best
All over the world invoking protest
Our engineers and scientists better than the rest!

Scientists proud, diplomats justify
Public applaud, politicians protect
Peace loving worries, economists mystified
Philosophers perturbed, neighbors grumble!

National security paramount sure
Pride of the people fine to ensure
Ego of the engineers important indeed
Skills of the scientists progress with speed!

Nation at last gained or lost
Neighbors’ jealousy looming large
Fear of war gripping fast
Do we need at this stage?

War the child of sickly mind
Peace the fruit of healthy brain
War and peace flow from men and their mind
War abhorred, peace nursed prosperity can’t drain!

‘Atom for peace’
Avowed goal of yesterday
Nuclear power for peace
Clarion call of today
Do we go with ease
Sure question of tomorrow!

Success Is Wrought

By closing our eyes
World does not become dark
By running away
Problems do not cease to exist
By refusing to change
Changing world can not be stopped
By laying the foundation stone
Projects cannot be completed
By day dreaming alone
One’s goal cannot be reached
By wishful thinking alone
One’s objectives cannot be achieved
Sure success is wrought
Through one’s efforts and His grace!
Realize reality, respond to needs
Taste success with peace and poise!


The Fog In Life!

Foggy mist, misty fog
Marvelous manifestation
Of magnificent nature!

Weary winter
The splendorous spring!

The fog
Strong enough to blind
Quite weak to stand
The stare of raising Sun!

The fog in life, problems in life
Strong enough to blind
Cannot stand
The stare of sparkling mind!

Fog deprives
Physical vision
Foggy mind denies
Mental mission!

Positive and negative, pain and pleasure
Are but manifestation of Divinity in measure!

Positive and negative seen all over universe
Pain and pleasure felt in proportion inverse!

To poets, writers and speakers alike
Nothing but negative and pain appear to delight!

Rape and murder, dacoity and poverty
Corruption and sufferings, ingratitude and infidelity
Loss of values and ethics, disharmony and dishonesty
As if nothing else to highlight in society!

Noble poets and creative writers!
Cheers and tears are part of our life
Come out of pessimism and strife
Resolve to highlight the positive
And negate the negative!

Let optimism reverberate the world over
Through noble wings of prose and poetry
Today and tomorrow, here and there, everywhere
Shed negative words and thoughts
Free the world from thoughts of pain and grief
Through the powerful pen of the mighty minds



Let us heed to the voice of the noble
No matter however weak and feeble
Deserves to be carried all through the cable
Without keeping the message just on the table!

Voice of the noble cry for peace
Peace, multiplied peace all with ease
Curse of the world should surely cease
Look at the world as one and not in pliable piece!

Voice of peace is sure the soul of wisdom
Choice of the world is to reach God’s kingdom
Where love and peace is bound to rule
Where faith and truth is every one’s tool!

Voice of the noble seeks the world of peace
Noise of the wicked breeds the world of war
Peace indeed is the nature’s choice
Peace indeed is the right man’s voice!

Birds and trees sing for peace
Cruel and the wicked stink with strife.
The senseless inflicts war on nature
Least worried about grace of future
Nature revolts with quakes and storms
Millions suffer in pain and grief!

Let us heed to the voice of the noble
No matter however weak and feeble!


And till this day’s
Pain and pangs
Sufferings and sorrows
Falls and failures
Poverty and penury
I do see a
Silver lining
Bright tomorrow
Absolutely bright
Based purely on
Efforts and efficacy
Of hopes and prayer!
A bright and prosperous tomorrow
Seen through my inward eyes
And its melodies
Heard through my inward ears!

Let us at this point of time make ourselves clear that as the people are, so the society and the nation; as the society and the nation are so are the people.  If the people are honest, patriotic, law abiding, responsible, dedicated, devoted and determined to do good, society prospers or if the people are otherwise, society perishes.

Let us by our thoughts, words and deeds bring in glory to our Motherland INDIA that is BHARATH and to our holy Bharathamatha.


Image result for Images to depict Republic Day thoughts.


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