Elizabeth Blackwell Day is today

Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D.

Elizabeth Blackwell.jpg

God-the Lord Almighty has a purpose behind HIS every creation
Human beings or animals, wise or idiots, wild animals or mild
It has a purpose,the society is benefited nice or otherwise
It should be the endeavor to be good and do good to all to skies.

Life giving and saving profession and professionals are great
They are supposed to sacrifice their personal pleasures and
Conveniences in saving the sick-alas-many are in the opposite
May the creator mend them to give their best and serve the sick.

Elizebeth Blackwell -the first British born physician, and also
The first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States
First woman again in the United Kingdom’s Medical Register
Born third February Eighteen Twenty One and died in nineteen ten
We remember her with respect and pray for her guidance from heaven.

Image result for Image of Elizabeth Blackwell in her doctor's robe


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