Sarojini Naidu in Bombay 1946.jpg

Millions are born on earth in His great creation
Thousands make a mark in life with great admiration
Men and women give their best for their Mother Land
Make an imprint indelible in the golden sand!

Born on this sacred day in eighteen seventy nine
Was the Nightingale of India a great poet fine
Born in Hyderabad studied there and in London
And Cambridge- a political activist- made wonder!

President First of Indian National Congress
Governor of a State- first woman-made great progress
We bow our head in respect and reverence on this day
To inspire female children of all ages on the way!

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My dear viewers,

Today appears in the following link my article on a revolutionary Tamil national Poet Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar,

This will be a serial in the e journal to come for a few more weeks. Kindly make your comment beneath the article itself where a space is provided.


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