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Miranda- the moon traced in 1948. 

Universe indeed is a great Chariot on the Move
Created by the Omnipotent Almighty -to prove
That all His creations are for peace and amity
Sun and moon, stars and planets, all in sky in unity.

We know of one Sun and Moon , planets nine, stars aplenty
There are more Suns and Moons than the world knows of here and now
Miranda is the eleventh of Uranus’ moons and is
The fifth largest; Miranda named after a character.

The daughter of the magician Prospero in Tempest
Shakespeare’s creation! discovered today fifty nine
Years ago-in forty eight-astronomical marvel
Many scientific truths may delight in future! as well.




Today appears in the following link my article on a revolutionary Tamil national Poet Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar,





This will be a serial in the e journal to come for a few more weeks. Kindly make your comment beneath the article itself where a space is provided.


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