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In the galaxy of the Milky Way alone
About a billion that is hundred core
Stars –big and small, gliding, moving
Going round the self,
Travelling round the Universe!
Some scientists say
“Ten thousand crores”!
Let them count
Let them question
Let them answer!
All the planets in the sky
Glitter because of light!
Only those blessed glitter!
Flash their light
On their own;
Sow the light
Self produce the light!
Are the lights
Going round the Universe
Sky lights
Light houses of the sky!
In a single light year
Light travels
Nine lakh crore kilometer distance!
Flows like a furious flood
Like a bird it flies
Like a jump of the horse
Overtake the planets!
Though can be believed
Though can be imagined
Beyond the realm of
Body and mind!
Un countable!
At the level of the mind
Seems to be true!
When mind thins not
It looks an illusion!
Radius of the Universe
Thirteen billion light years!


Moving fast
On the long jump
Flowing fast light
With speed of speeds
Run of runs
From the starting spot
Hopping deer like
In the atmosphere
In the space
Journey to end
Numbers that can’t be defined
Can’t be bound by
Arithmetical numbers
But continuing till infinity!
By the thinking heads
In the Scientists’ view
Physicists ‘mind
With the research for
The depth of the Universe’,
In the SKY thatis
The limitless
Endless space
Without standing and staring
No answer comes to mind!
Today’s answer, even then
Proved wrong tomorrow!
In the confusion deep
We search
Search for the right answer.
Search and learn;
Roll with the time
Rolled by the time
Bend, get bent
Get revolved
Get rotated
Search and search
Along the corridors of the sky
Search for the gold
Golden result!
As per Newton’s
Third law of motion
Every action has a reaction
Equal and opposite!
There should have been
The objects in the space
And their opposites
Seen or unseen;
Should be!
Scientists calculate.
To net, they spread the net!
Go on searching in the net!
They adore the beauty of
The fishes to be got
Estimate the weight of the power
Power and energy
Visualized and weighed!


Image result for structure of galaxy the milky way


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