Yes; ENVIUS THOUGHT was born with its first post “My Tryst With Life Insurance Corporation of India” on 25th February 2015 in https://nvsr.wordpress.com and it is stepping into- crawling into –  its THIRD year today!

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By the immense grace of the Goddess of Learning and the strength derived from the views and responses from the visitors to this Blog, today it is stepping into its third year on its 709th day and 770th post.

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I am ever grateful to the encouragement provided by the increasing views the Blog has been experiencing ever since it was launched.

This indeed is an occasion to take stock of the activities and make a SWOT analysis.

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STRENGTH of ENVIUS THOUGHTS is increasing number of views. Both in terms of average views per day and per post has exceeded ONE HUNDRED in fact is a great strength. In terms of days it is 110 and in terms of posts it is 105! By all means a satisfactory progress and hence it is a strength. WORDPRESS authorities provide the greatest strength.

Some of the readers like Sarva Shri OKR SIVANGANAM, Rajeev Jha, KVVS Prasad, Ramamurthi, Jagannathan, TCS Reddy, Muthu Iyer, are so regular in reading and sending their honest views of the posts and others indeed add vitamins to the Blog

ENVIUS THOUGHTS  gratefully acknowledge their responses by publishing their views periodically in the Sunday stories.

That viewers are from more than 200 countries all over the globe adds enormous strength. Plainly speaking, I cannot even name half the number of countries!

Here are some countries having registered more than 1000 views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS: (as on 22/2/17)

  1. India 18803
  2. Pakistan   8701
  3. United States   8062
  4. Myanmar   4121
  5. Iraq   3796
  6. Cambodia             2661
  7. Albania   2190
  8. Egypt 1801
  9. Bangladesh 1770

10 Philippines                    1687
11 Algeria                          1649
12 Sri Lanka                      1316
13 European Union           1159
and 14 Vietnam                        1048

WEAKNESS of ENVIUS THOUGHTS- it is a question mark whether purists of English poetry will accept the posts of poetry from Monday to Saturday as POEM in its strictest grammatical sense. Anyhow very definition and perception go on changing! After all it is just an Indian writing English poetry!

OPPORTUNITIES for ENVIOUS THOUGHTS are in fact unlimited, very vast and wide of course. There are ever so many topics and subjects in the world that one can go on writing eternally if one can!

THREATS for ENVIUS THOUGHTS are the very age and physical condition of the Blogger. Becoming aged day after day! Mind refuses to think!  Words are in no mood to come out! Ideas simply freeze! Very often thoughts go on strike! As you sit on the computer table, eye lids automatically close and you are immediately transported to the lap of Nidhra devi- Goddess of Sleep! Imagination has practically dried out! Innovative thoughts no longer blossom!

Notwithstanding these weaknesses and threats, as I used to tell my students in those days of my service, I am making all out efforts to convert all my weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities!. Let us see how far I am able to pull on …… sorry no, push on!

I am indeed fortunate to have 118 followers as of now from all over the globe  and I am indeed grateful to them for the support and inspiration they provide to my ENVIUS THOUGHTS- one of the greatest STRENGTHS I have referred to above.

The following are my oldest followers from March 2015 and I am ever grateful to them.

Kurt Brindley


SINCE APR 8, 2015



SINCE APR 8, 2015



SINCE APR 7, 2015

Plant Electrician


SINCE APR 7, 2015



SINCE MAR 27, 2015

Philosophically, on many days the opening views as I start the day at 4.30 hours will be a single digit number, which used to be as much as 50 and more a few months ago, will plunge me in sorrow and depression as Blogging has become my PASSION nowadays!?!?!? But then, reasoning will prevail and say it may be due to the change in time zones. Redeeming feature is at the end of the day it may exceed the  magical figure of 100. It only reminds me of the Gitopadesa  “ACTION IS THY DUTY AND FRUIT IS NOT THY CONCERN”. Yes that is what ENVIUS THOUGHTS has taught me in the last two years.

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Most of my esteemed followers are not personally known to me! I do not know whether at any time in my life, I will be able to meet them in parson and enjoy their company. Any how I pray the Lord Almighty to bless them all with long and peaceful, pleasant and prosperous, happy and healthy life to continue viewing the ENVIUS THOUGHTS.

Requesting the word press blogging community to bless and encourage and wish the ENVIUS THOUGHTS a very great future, I take leave for the day praying for a very happy weekend for all of you!

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