Alexey Leonov (left, back row) with fellow cosmonauts in 1965

The great Creator, Preserver and Destroyer Lord Almighty
Made the Universe-earth, sky, space and all living beings mighty
To explore the space and hills, seas and forests sky and the planets
And exploit for the world’s greater peace and joy, health and happiness!

Man in his wisdom made his body and mind, intelligence in full
And made strides in every possible field and arena till
He set his feet into the space and planets outside his earth
And the search goes on – with successes- set goal higher in mirth!

Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov , former Soviet cosmonaut,
Air Force Major general, writer, artist in nineteen sixty five
On this day became the first human to exit the capsule
Deserving a big salute-made a great spacewalk for minutes twelve!

Aleksey Leonov ASTP - cropped.jpg


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