With the grace of the Goddess of Learning Shri Saraswathi sitting on the white petals of the Lotus with her Veena on HER hands, the grace of Saint Thiruvalluvar, Bharathiyar and Mahatma Gandhi and the support of 57000 viewers from more than 200 countries (views exceeding 83000), the Tale of A Blogger continues and today it is Part 16 heralding the EIGHT HUNDREDTH (800th) post in 737 days.
Esteemed viewers may kindly recollect Part 15 on the 750th post was published on 5th February 2017.
Prasad commented on TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 15.
N V Subbaraman in his ENVIUS THOUGHTS desk after retirement One, two, three Four, Five, Six Seven, eight, nine Ten,
Laurels achieved by you are always a matter of joy.Tale of the blogger 15th part is culmination of a great poetic journey.Awards given, rewards got mentioned like Flamingo poets meet, Kavi nilavu conferred , Efflorescence, Ambassador s of peace are rightful events of ecstasy.
The photographs are nice Congratulations, sir.
Very Informative and interesting read for a new comer like me. Thanks Vasantha Vivekananda.
Muthu Ayyar. Congratulations, Sir. It was very much inspiring to me your article Tale of a Blogger – Part 15. I felt as if I was watching a Documentary Film while I was going through the whole article. Thanks.
My heartfelt Felicitations & Congratulations for your Tale of a Blogger Part 15
T. Ramamurthi
Tale of a blogger is unique it self in presenting the synopsis in a humble and effective way and conclusion as simply enough. Feeling as vop and not as vip and starting with nursery numbers to matured 75 kavinilavu is blossoming impressively. I feel my schedule is incomplete without daily going through the thoughts under envious thoughts. With greetings.
The indomitable will to excel in all fields is still in the forefront, notwithstanding the imprint of age!
Shri OKR Sivanganam
It ‘s nice of you that with seriousness you are following the pattern of posting your series ‘Tale as a Blogger’ as Sunday Story at the end of every 50 Posts you make!
Part 15 appeared on 5/2/17 gives more statistical data supporting your experience gained between the current and the previous one!
You’ve very nicely covered the proceedings of the Annual Seminar on English Poetry, conducted by the prestigious Chennai Poets Circle on 29th Jan, 2017!
You’ve duly lauded Dr. Krishna Srinivas of the ‘ Poet Journal ‘ as the inspiration for the launching of your ‘ Young Poet ‘, intended rightly as a gift and platform to the young poets to bring in their poetic prowess to the lovers of verse as distinct from prose!
You’ve referred to the definition of literary language penned suitably by Dr. T Sriraman, formerly the Professor of English and Foreign Languages University, Hydrabad!
Yes, a distortion from the normal pattern enhances for sure the aesthetic sense in the readers of a literature of this sort!
And careful and judicious introduction of varied styles through extensive exploitation of resources of a language lends fresh angles for enjoyment!
Everything under this great Universe evolves stage by stage, and English Poetry is no exception, as reportedly revealed by Dr. Ganesh!
That the seminar had seen the anthology of 97 poems in the Efflorescence 2016 must have been its highest achievement!
And the poets do not mind going the extra mile to present their poems that are capable of easily reaching the heart of a poetry reader!
And the Chennai Poets Circle is going to be beautified with one more entity through your renewed association!
During the period 5/2/2017 when the Tale 15 was posted and this day, not much of significant events to report, have taken place.
Yet I would like to share with you that a poetic Journal “YOUNG POET” has been in publication as a millennium gift to the young poets(since converted into a e-magazine) edited by this Blogger since the year 2000 where the poems of young poets- by definition less than 25 years of age get a platform for publishing their poems and so far more than 200 poets have come up and many of them have become senior poets! A reference has been made about this “YOUNG POET” in the revciew of Shro OKR Sivanganam in his VIEWER’S VIEW Part 12 quotes earlier above.
Another Management monthly e-magazine edited at my end, by name IMPACT has seen its 16th issue on 15th March this year. IMPACT stands for INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND CREATIVE THINKING.
One of the leading Tamil writers-Sahitya Academy Award winner –Ashokamitran passed away on 23rd March in his residence at Velacheri, Chennai. My journalist son from Bangalore was requested to make a write up on the versatile short story writer and novelist. The same is given below for the pleasant viewing by the ENVIUS THOUGHTS followers.

Ashokamitran, a colossus constrained by a small stage
Ramnath Subbaraman
MARCH 24, 2017 01:06 IST



Universal quality of Ashokamitran’s writing endeared him to his readers


Henry Kissinger once said of Lee Kuan Yew that he was “a big man on a small stage who in other times and other places, might have attained the world stature of a Churchill, Disraeli or a Gladstone”. I think that applies to Ashokamitran too. If he had been writing out of New York or New Jersey and in English, he would have attained the world stature of a Philip Roth or John Updike. But the fact that he mostly wrote in Tamil, and mostly about south Indian cities restricted his audience. However, that constraint didn’t take anything away from the universal quality of his art and vision.
He once said good writing should unite people. His writings — short stories, essays, novels, and even his interviews — did exactly that. By focussing on ordinary people, by capturing their everyday struggle, by celebrating their heroism, he built bridges. I discovered Ashokamitran a bit late in my life, only after my college. I fell totally in love with his writing and with his style. Reading him was like taking a walk around the city with a wise man, looking at the scenes he gently points out, things you would have missed in the normal course. At the end of the walk, you find yourself loving people around you a bit more.
I have had only one close interaction with Ashokamitran. Back in 2002, I had a chance to meet him in the lobby of Taj Connemara after a literary event. He was about to leave. I could have said a hundred things to him, but I asked if I could drop him somewhere. I shouldn’t have. The old, rickety motorcycle I had at that time used to stop every few hundred metres, and wouldn’t start unless I kicked the lever a dozen times. That’s exactly what happened as he sat in the pillion while I took him from the hotel to DMS bus stop, about two kilometres away. Buses and cars dangerously whizzed past us. I was getting tenser by the second. But he was calm, almost as if watching a scene from one of his short stories. It had a calming effect on me too. I can feel it even today.
(Ramnath Subbaraman is a journalist based in Bengaluru and a fan of Ashokamitran)
Now some data on the progress made by ENVIUS THOUGHTS during the last 50 posts.
Part Post No. Date Total Views
Part 11 550 24/7/16. 49983
Part 12 600 11/9/16 57730
Part 13 650 30/10/16 . 65513
Part 14 700 18/12/16. 72400
Part 15 750 05/1/2017 78450
Part 16 800 26/3/2017. 83800
Time taken for every thousand views since the last TALE on 05/01/2017:
72000 crossed on 18/12/16 693rdh view. 8days-
78450 crossed on 05/01/2017 750th
79000 10/02/2017 755th 5 days-
80000 18/02/17. 763rd 8days
81000 28/02/17. 773rd. 10days
82000 09/03/17. 782nd 9days
83000 19/03/17. 792nd 10days.
While on the point of VIEWS, I have to report that to my great delight, 27th January recorded the highest day’s view of 299! I do not know when and whether this figure of 299 becomes obsolete!!!!
Thanks in tons for your continued support to ENVIUS THOUGHTS and looking forward for more in future. Bye till tomorrow!



I am glad to share with you that with the 145th view at 17.30 hours of today viz Sunday the 26th March 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS has crossed EIGHTY FOUR  THOUSAND (84000) on the 737th day and 800th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


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