Louder Together International Day for Street Children logo

All those born on earth are the children of God- the Almighty
Absolutely equal having been confined to mother’s womb
For long ten months rightly; not knowing the world very strictly
After birth journeying for long and hard from womb to the tomb!

Pity or beauty-though equal in birth some have diamond spoon
Some have gold and some have silver spoons, many with no spoon
God made them to be left with the label ‘street children’ quite poor
None to fend and mend leaving to the fate or destiny pure!

Here is a day called “International day for street children”
To remind the society and government to take care, not to
Treat as delinquent and a burden; they have potential
Sure to be brought up in great and nice homes to ensure fine future!


Image result for Image of street children

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