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The distance
Distance of the Space
The whole Universe is
Seven Hundred and
Fifty crore light years!
Moving as butterflies
They cause awe
And wonder in us.
The celestial objects
Light and power
That disappeared from
The black hole
Take rebirth
In the form same
In a surprising way
With life
With life’s nuances
Come again
Come back.
Scientists agree,
Accept and acknowledge
These surprising truths
Brightness called light
Though travels in straight line
When passing through
Strong and opaque
Gravitational zone
It breaks, bends, bows
And journeys!
Refracted light and its particles
Reflect, becomes a garland of colors
In the universe,
The rainbow seen on earth
True a wonder and beauty!
Refracted light and bent rainbow
Tickled Einstein sure!
The man with bow and arrow
In the dense forest
Did he become a great archer?
Learnt the art of archery!


I am glad to share with you that with the 76th view at 11/30 hours today viz Wednesday  the 19th April  2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS has crossed EIGHTY SEVEN  THOUSAND (87000) on the 761st day and 824th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


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