Image result for Images for Light in the Universe


Passes through water and glass
Can control speed;
Totters at times!
It reflects
In the same glass particles and pieces
And ice cubes!
It touches
It caresses
It returns!
In the space
In the Milky Way galaxy
Where we live
In the region
Wherever the regions prone for the
Cyclone of the Gravitational force are,
Where the very big stars or small
Much heavier and greater density
Than the Sun are,
There the light is obedient
Well controlled
Lie down and roll
Rock and roll
Rush fast
After crossing the zone
Light stands erect
Sets right its bent back!
Becomes straight!
Princely walk it does!
Kingly race it runs!
Chariot moves on and fast!
Light as electric force
Is hot, too hot!
As if a furnace
It becomes hot like a molten iron
Under fire, set others under fire!
Light walks majestically
As cool breeze, cool water
All powerful and gives strength!
Spiritual role of the Almighty
Scientific role of the Omnipotent!
Light made to be a force primary
Brought to the forefront
Attains importance
Through the light,
Through the powerful light
Through the bright light!


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