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Mountains and hills are gift of the Almighty-the lord
Through the bounteous nature given to the great world
Happen to be the natural borders of the states
And countries too to protect with all its might as mates!

Princely place for peaceful penance of the priestly class
Healthy and serene, providing peace and harmony
Among all the living beings -humans and animals
Pleasant indeed beyond description to all nobles!

Unfortunate- man in his needs and greed puts an end
Depriving beauty for those who enjoy- hard to mend.
Manaslu.,Dhaulagiri.Cho Oyu.Makalu. Lhotse. ..Kangchenjunga
Mount Everest, Nanga Parbhat and Annapurna
And mountains tallest in the world many to be preserved
Duty of the nobles-Ecology and environment to be protected!

Image result for Images-Mountain-Himalayas

Mount Everest.


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