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Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague with his better half.


I am ever grateful to the Lord Almighty-the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent- who directs me in all my activities and in particular who guided me to WordPress and with HIS grace I picked up, launched my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com, on 25/2/2015, gradually built up the viewership and I am indeed proud of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries. As of now total views have exceeded 66000 and one of my regular viewers is Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in the great Life Insurance Corporation of India of which I was a part and parcel for more than four decades. In fact LIC continues to be our HOME. He lives in Bangalore and regularly sends his responses on my posts. Here is a compendium of his responses as Part II as my Sunday story this week. I am sure my friends will enjoy the same as they did his part I published on 17/1/17

Very nice. Automatically the title itself bring smile to us. The pigs are also cute. Happy smiles! Enjoy the appetizers and snacks.
World penguin day is very attractive day. It is a feast for eyes eyes. For me viewing penguin is like seeing a man in a dignified suit. In print media the big and costly books are supplied at common mans range as penguin series. Thanks sir for a hearty reminder of penguins’ day.
Thanks sir for gently reminding us regarding earth day. We are earth and climate illiterate. As poet. Kalidasa before his enlightenment was cutting the branch of tree on which he was sitting, we’re digging our peril by inflicting injuries on bhoomata. Vriksho rakshathi rakshitaha. If we protect the trees they will protect us. Let us play our part.
INNOVATION And creativity are the two fine attributes given to mankind. Man has to sharpen and develop it . Focus on the main issue. Once two friends were walking through forest. Lion roared. One of them used to wear the boots. The other friend asked would it help running faster than lion. For this reply came that he can run faster than his friend. This is how we waste our creativity in false comparison rather than tapping our full creativity. Thanks for reminding the day of innovation and creativity.
Light passes through glass and water. The same light reflects through glass and water. Such is the amazing power and elasticity of light. Light creates, flourishes and destroyed in spiritual sense also. Nice journey of light on chariot on wheels.
A picturesque view of chariot on wheels. A beautiful tiny flower receiving source of power from universal power in the backdrop of natural indradhanush . Sir you have summarized the philosophy and science of chariot on wheels both with the poem and scene.
Hundreds and thousands of souls contributed all their mite in get
Getting freedom. We salute dheeran kongu for his tireless efforts.
Valluvar kottam is fine monument. Until pointed out by you I am ignorant that such a fine monument is present in Chennai Nungambakam. Present masters of art of living and modern personality development gurus are only next to Thiruvallur and his masterpiece Thirukkural. The two wings before entrance represents to which heights the human intellect can rise. Thank you sir.
Nice blend of noble ideas and divine aspirations. Years come years go. Let lofty vibrations generated on the eve of Tamil new year day. Good Friday, Vishu festival along with just now gone ‘Hevilambi’ ignite and keep ever fresh the fragrance of “hurt never and help ever”.
Jalianwalabag incident is one of the saddest atrocities perpetuated on innocent citizens of India. Dyer is ever remembered for this drastic act. We have to owe much of our respects to the great ordinary people of India once again. Thanks sir for reminding the great event. We bow down our heads in deep respect.
A really deserved day for street children. They do not. Know how they entered world leading a Long and miserable journey of life. It is true today’s children are tomorrows citizens as cautioned by great Nehru. To the extent possible let us offer our hands in molding their and our future!
Pleasant to view Birla house. If lam correct we are witnessing the completion of 100 yrs of Champaran satyagrah today.
Happy to share your onward journey. Greetings!
The Agra fort is a landmark in our journey towards freedom struggles. The grandeur of Rajput buildings underlines many stories of valor and courage. Agra from the hands of Rajputs, Sikander to Akbar and till the Indian mutiny 1857 till complete liberty is a story of constant struggle and achievements. Still we have to know much. Thanks sir for taking us to Agra!
Jagan on envious thoughts is worth perusing and add anew and worthy dimension. It gives a new encouragement. I sincerely hail his opinions.
The sitting pose of Mahavira Jain itself gives great solace and comfort. I found no difference between Buddha and Mahavira. No harm even to germs.
Health is. Wealth. A good adage! Preached rarely practiced at individual level, society level and governmental levels. But from individual arena contribute our effort in enlightening and spreading the message of health awareness. Sir you have pointed out that on March 1948 world health organization was formed, then why it is being celebrated on 7 th April?
The journey to freedom is long and strenuous. A new angle added by Gandhi. Instead of making people strong physically, he made them mentally strong and committed to the e of freedom. They are simple but high in their conviction.
Their conviction is well presented in the photo stills. He awakened the inner strength and took India to greater heights.
It is a great privilege to make journey of Indian history through its ups and downs. A sacred and peaceful area invaded by alien forces. Perseverance is the solution offered by ancestors.
Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the eve of 85000 views. Not only destination but the journey itself is pleasant.
I found the content useful and relevant. You have furnished the map of ancient India where the Mauryas, Pathans, Satavahana, Chola and Pandyans existed but never united. Only the religion was binding force. As Rajeev Jah rightly pointed only in 1857 the unity bond appeared. I hope you will elucidate with your simple rhymes and stories. You’re the creator of feast. We wait further!
Journey to Indian freedom is a vast subject and your effort to make the younger generation in its right perspective is a must. Not only for young but even for elders also it is of great relevance. The unity thread has to be preserved and nurtured. Welcoming your gesture we eagerly await for your series!
A thing of beauty is joy forever. A nice treatise. Sir along with Keats and yourself you took us for a real joyride underlining the significance of Hindu philosophy “aham bramhasmi”. The beauty lies in the beholder as well as the object. For an ordinary person the falling of dew drops makes no difference. But for a poetic mind of Rabindranath Tagore the same view of drops falling on leaf became a source of inspiration to pen beautiful lyrics. You have provided us a thing of beauty that is joy forever.
Very nicely analysis presented by you. Rajeev Jhaji!
Sir, you have taken us for a mysterious ride on chariot on wheels 33. Some aspects we understood. Some we are unable. But we cherished your spirit in taking us to greater heights of understanding. You proved vakyam rasatmakam kavyam even in mysterious universal arena !
Thanks for introducing us to the history and magnificence of Paris Eifel tower built during 1899. It is the culmination human power with blend of faith. A monument of perseverance. Very nice of you sir!
A magnificent fight for freedom in a restraining manner of truth and ahimsa where even ladies fought under the guidance of Mahatma a very nice ideal to cherish. Thank you sir for bringing back those memories with photos available at that time.
Sir happy Ugadhi. Welcome the yug ie era and adhi ie beginning. The beginning of the time in sixty slaughts in the eternal wheelbase and rotating eternally. Every moment is a blend of pleasure and pain. Accept with neem and jaggery blend prasad. Ohm santhi.
Weed appreciation day. A good and gentle reminder. In life gardening good thoughts have to be nourished and bad thoughts have to be segregated. Waste thoughts and negative thoughts have to be gently separated. Positive thoughts blossom!
Good morning. Happy to note the significance of world theatre day. Every soul is a player sent by Almighty! Each atma has to understand it’s role and play properly. This will help other players to perform well. Swaparivartan aur samsar ka parivartan.
Hail onward journey of kavinilavu.
Beauty at its best. Joy and happiness rolled in one. That is tulip. Very refreshing to view in the morning. A unique message
Very nice of you to benefit us by presenting a true version of Ashokmitra . Even though he restricted himself to Tamil arena his contribution to the unity of humanity is admirable. I feel still he is amidst us. Particularly I am very much delighted the way your journalist son introducing Ashokmitra to us. Our special admiration and blessings still to blossom.
An apt testimony of what we give out the same and more will be returned with bouquets. With pleasant vibrations!
Unite and fight tuberculosis. A worthy message! First step proper awareness. Second step strict adherence.
World meteorological day reminded us the gravity of the situation. But man in his urgency is ignoring the perils and is axing on which the branch which he stands. Let’s increase the awareness to face the terrible situations ahead!
Let us resolve to use water and waste water with diligence. Nice message with simple picture. We are well aware to use water. You added a new dimension to manage waste water also. Definitely we adhere to it and ought to be.
Sir, definitely poetry is the result of sensitivity in contemplation resulting in flowery language conveying aptly. That is a divine gift. My emphasis is prose also should be encouraged in addition to poetical talent. You deviated from traditional poetry to haiku successfully. We aren’t able to enjoy your Tamil verses in its true fragrance. Of course your translation make us to enjoy heartily taking us near that aura. With respects to kavinilavu.
I still remember your presentation of business figures with equal ease in Telugu as that of English at agents meet at Proddatur. How I can forget your ease at Telugu. We used to admire your proficiency in Hindi and Tamil. Yours presence is a happy remembrance to cherish. It will automatically bring happy smile. While I am going through your thoughts i have to now and then help my wife in her cooking and miscellaneous works due to orthopedic-ally disabled at old age. That is why there is no continuity in presenting my thoughts. Excuse me for getting personal factors. With regards.
It is very freshening to highlight and welcome budding young poets. Not only poets but also talented in prose have to be encouraged. What we have to cherish is the capacity of expression with flavor. Bright little stars blossom further!
From everything we have to learn. Crow’s message is
worth emulating. Crow is known for its discretion and is in association with various life activities. Mothers first introduced us by showing a crow and make us eat and to give them rest in our backyard. A nice treatise.

I am pleasantly surprised to have the revelations of kavinilavui with the highest dignitary Sri. Harikrishnan Chaudary. Let your further onward literary and philosophical journey a source of real enlightenment.
It is a happy occasion to remember Leonove for his first walk in the space. It is the culmination of imagination, scientific understanding and excellent team work. Salutes to Leonov and the entire team behind.
Moving clouds a nice scenario of life is worth seeing without being tired. Immediately Meghasandesa of Kalidasa appears on our mental horizon. The famous Telugu director B N Reddy evolved epic celluloid. Malleswari in which the moving clouds appear as a nice backdrop. lt achieved President’s award. Nice for invoking worthy thoughts.
Clean and pure water free from bacteria. A reality fifty years ago. We used to consume water directly during our youth from the wells. Now we cannot get those days back. Let’s utilize the opportunity before us. Vaccinate properly and protect the generation.
It is very heartening to celebrate the birthday of Einstein. His way of scientific approach can be summarized as under. Understand the rules of game. Then you will be a better player. With this background he paved way for further progress of mankind.
Holy the reflection of kaleidoscope aspects of life in various shades of human emotions. With greetings.
Sun rays spends in time and sleep in time. Where the rays can’t enter it became dark and gravitational force emerging as force. We have to admit that no person is as intelligent and effective as sun rays. A factual thought!
Universe beyond our comprehension. The fallen objects shattered, implosive and explosive evolving into earth and other planets really presents marvelous wonder. We are nothing but powers of minute particles. Let’s live completely bowing down before mighty chariot!

The great scientist Stephen Hawkins warned humanity to be careful in preserving unique aspects of the earth . Otherwise humanity can be extinguished.
Congrats! Running relentlessly. We are all behind you towards cherished Goa
Seen and unseen! Existing within and with the rays of light leading us to eternal and existing truths! What a fine blend of science and art. Very much elated to view rays of real knowledge and wisdom.
Salutes on the eve of international women’s day. Be bold for change. Women in changing world of work. The contribution in inculcating the reading habit of my mother is such that while there used to be thunders she encouraged me to read krishna satakam and sumathi satakam. My three daughters including one adopted daughter are a source of inspiration to lead happy life. I feel elated on this worthy day.
Yes. The animal cruelty in the world so increased that at present one by third of animal species decreased and by 2050 two by thirds will be eliminated. Sad affair!
Conscience is a highly deserved word and force to reckon with. As a layman i assume it the epitome behind body, mind and actions. Gandhi’s humility and nobility can be gazed from his regards to bent before the conscience power of each soul. From tiny things to noble things clear conscience is required ro perceive and execute. Let’s practice to the best extent possible without mental laziness. Fortunately today happens to be Mahasamadhi day of Kriyayogi Yogananda who emphasized on the clear conscience of need to change. Once again towards clean conscience power.
Dance in unison like peacocks in the sky. These pleasant thoughts i missed for one day due to illness and for two days no opportunity due to internet failure. Hereafter i will be blessed to have the nectar flowing from your kavinilavu.
On any aspect or in any arena Rajeev jha enters with equal ease and enlightening us. We are fortunate to have his sane ideas.
All of us are victims some time or other. But to the extent possible adopt the keyword of safety in our thoughts and actions enlightening self and others. A worthy message to emulate.
Very nice of you for making us hear the music of mosquitoes. There is no doubt about music but the purana we can’t enjoy. The whole world is at its tiny foot out of fear. It has the audacity to question elephant whether the elephant stole her jacket! Good reminder.


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Author of ENVIUS THOUGHTS Mr. N V Subbaraman in Kadapa office.  He worked with Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula in Kadapa Division of LIC








 and in particular SECOND ONE to READ

MAHA KAVI BHARATHIYAR’S SONG FOR THE CHILD translated into ENGLISH and place your valued opinion in the space provided below the article in THE INDIAN PERIODICAL so that other readers will have the benefit of your opinion. Thanks.’

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