Mother primary God cannot be left in an old age home
Old and decrepit, sick and serious- to be kept in a foam
Mattress with possible comfort in the bedroom of our home
For all what she has done for us since birth sacrificing dome!

“Maathru dhevo bava” Vedic dictum for the Hindus all
Among the four-mother, father, teacher and God- she stands tall
The whole world of course keeps Mother atop and reveres her
And never to forget her greatness -God incarnation sure!

Today is the WORLD MOTHERS’ DAY- a holy and sacred day
Young or old, poor or rich, literate or otherwise let the day
Start with respect and seeking blessings from her in person
From home or heaven wherever she is and not from old age home!




Kindly click the second lin, chose my article BHARATHIYAR’S OPTIMISM, read and make your comments on the space provided below the article so that it can be seen by all readers around the world. Thanks.

— Those who have missed by any chance, please read an article PERSON OF THE WEEK – N V SUBBARAMAN – an Interview of the Editor INDIAN PERIODICAL with me published on 31st July 2016 from their archives. This article has been read by more than 2500 and their second highest read Interview/article in the last two years and more.


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