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K V V S Prasad  from Vishakapatnam-former colleague of N V Subbaraman


Out of innumerable viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS there are a few who regularly give a response often quite inspiring and make the Blog continue despite the strain and stress involved in maintaining the Blog with a daily posting.
Mr. K V V S Prasad. was my colleague when I was with LIC of India, a great Organization from which I retired almost 16 years ago. We served together in Kadapa Division of Andhra Pradesh. After his superannuation he is settled in his native town Vishakapatnam. He is one of the communicating viewers and this Sunday story gives his responses to the ENVIUS THOUGHTS which I am sure will prove an interesting read. This is the Part IV and the Part III was posted in the Blog on 25/12/2016.

Your blog has become a gate way for Great interactions and finding a place in it in the form of your appraisal on our views is itself a fortune. It equally makes us more responsible and orients us towards further refinement Sir! With regards and Christmas Greetings Sir!
Like the Flamingo Bird you had a quick dash to Nellore , enthralled the audience at Nellore with a poetic excellence ,migrated back to the Tamil Land with your engagement fulfilled in Trivandrum Kerala What a coincidence! Happy New Year!
The supreme sacrifice of Kattabomman in the process of liberation of India from British rule is always remembered by all the right thinking Indians and his valour and courage is echoed in their heart. Thank you for your great information.
Congrats sir
I remember you telling about your being away from coffee. Tamilnadu is a pro coffee state .The fondness for coffee was age old.I think you stood against the coffee nut firmly. I also remember that when other colleagues in Audit Department of Your Team were frantically waiting for a cup of morning coffee ,you were waiting for your Hindu News paper
A man can truly rise if he conquers greed and supremacy over others and by throwing away the animal Instinct. Thus he becomes immortal! Nice Sir!
Congratulations Sir for crossing 77k mark!
Many Patriotic Sons of Mother India by their collective struggle. Lala Lajpat Rai is such a noble Son. A true patriot, reformist and known as Punjab Kesari and it is our fortune to commemorate his birthday.
As rightly expressed by you we need another Mahatma rising from his Grave to set the society in order. Really the principles followed by him, the values preserved by him, the path followed by him are eye openers for those in power! Martyr’s day or Sarvodaya day should not remain as another day as felt by you!
The Mahatma is known for his compassion. Ant leprosy day fills in the minds of people the martyrdom of this saintly person. It is our fortune to live in the land where He lived.

Sir You are always at High pedestal .The love at heart, Values cherished, friendliness exhibited, purity of thoughts ,path followed by you were always a matter of emulation. We, as young constituents of your team were amused to hear you and proud of being your team .As rightly expressed by you we were close .I do not know how I missed my Chennai days with you .Perhaps I have gained the art of expressing orally and in writing as time progressed. My present post is to place before you the valuable.

Kalpana Chawla sacrificed her life for a cause. The supreme sacrifice of her goes in the annals of India’s space research
Congratulations Sir!

Great and Noble Lady! Wonderful to know about her!
The cause of cancer, as you felt, is not known and suffering of the patients is unbound. It is useful. To note that Tulasi, if consumed regularly , it act as a deterrent. Losing loved ones by due to this reason is painful. Proper research and painless treatment and improving the survival rate will give solace to mankind.
Squirrel is an extraordinary creation ,jumping and dancing, singing and surging ,blessed with Lord’s fondle and reminding us of Great love ,dedication, Friendship and duty .It equally wakes us up early in the morning with its activity on the nearby rooftops and trees eating sweet fruits greeting us . Nice to note.
Saplings are compared to young children. The flexible will survive. True. Saplings sing, dance and move with humans. They give breeze while growing , give fruits so sweet when grown Song of a sapling started the day with a positive note.

Squirrel is a pure vegetarian with abundant energy. What an wonderful creation of the God.

Seeking pleasure is wrong but singing in praise of The Giver the intellectual , spiritual power is always pure and gives happiness to body and soul All the creations of God ,rightly observed by you ,should join in this Mahagana to attain mahagnana !

Sparrow is associated with us all through our life. Friend of everybody , especially children, moving here and there ,flying far and near, eating plenty, making sounds, pleasing everybody, small and beautiful, this tiny bird is on the verge of extinction and soon may become a part of history. The sparrow represents humility, singing in praise of God the song of divinity and simplicity. As we lost our dear elders and keep in store their memories, so also we keep in our memory this little friend also who is in the brink of extinction.

Song of the Saint is the need of the hour. Saints are servants of the society .They fill the society with positive thoughts and work for the well being of society. They are neither teachers nor preachers, as rightly observed, but constant learners. They thrive to bring harmony and peace to the society.

The Adiseshu Has created the human beings and other species to live in harmony. Serpents are more sinned against than sinning. Human beings on one hand worship them and on the other, are afraid of the reptiles. In the process they render the serpents homeless along with their progeny. Rightly observed serpents his only to protect them as they have no voice.. Living in harmony should be developed by humans who are endowed with intelligence and also physical strength mostly. Your concern is reflected in these stanzas. Similar was your concern from our Kadapa days.

Gotham Karmakar’s interview was simply brilliant. He made an Avishkar of your complete personality. Unknown facts like your Grandfather being a Great advocate, your initiation as as a poet, your preferences, your inroads into haiku with rhyming. Interesting IMG to note Madam’s observation about your poetry as nursery rhymes. Great facts , your bilingual poetry , your philosophy, your place, your opinion about future of poetry ,your advice to the younger ones, your interests, your disinclination to try fiction, your freedom for subjects of interest ,your comments on royalty on books published reflect your values. Nice feast on a Great Sunday Sir!
More facts 300sft accommodation and Invaluable Viswanathan Iyer(my father’s name is also Viswanatham) propagating values Known facts. Your distance from Coffee nut Nice to remember!
Dear sir
You have brought forth the day as the day before the day of sacrifice of the Saint Valentine for his Noble deeds. Thank you for giving the origin.
Extraordinary post. The word transcreation is interesting. The article in Indian periodical is interesting. Translation of Great works among Indian languages is a sure way of uniting people and bridging the gap and paving the way of understanding!
What a great expression of love! Random thoughts are simple and beautiful. I really wonder the way you select words, narrate instances, create subject matters in a simple way and place them before readers .Helping somebody to cross the road, assisting the differently abled, helping someone to change the tire, appreciating someone ,patting for good work done are simple expressions of immense value .Nice note Have a great day Sir!
Ramakrishna paramahamsa was a great Saint mother Bharath has given birth and his role in propagating spirituality is immense. He was a path finder for his disciple Vivekanand to follow. Great saints and scholars have born in this Great country and the aura of spirituality surrounded is a great value addition for generations to follow. Nice note sir.
As rightly observed Sri Shivagnanam gives his review to NVS Thoughts on a daily basis almost. It is easy to keep track if such regularity is maintained. Apart from this the depth of the review is admirable. I also shifted to this pattern from a weekly response. The remarks of Shivagnanam are themselves treasure islands and give scope for better understanding of the noble thoughts. Nice note to begin the day with!
Thank you for giving information of first Canadian flag and it’s adoptatation of a new form with a maple leaf with simple white and red Colors. Each country is unique and it’s flag is its pride and strength!
Shivaji Maharaj was Maratta pride and the noble Son of India. Known for his valor this great warrior has become the Pride of India. He is respected by all Indians as an icon of shivelry! The Nation pays its homage and reverence to this Legendary personality!
Mother language has the warmth of the mother. We have to master our mother language. English is the link language. We have to master it too to progress. Mother language day is excellent. Sir.
World Thinking day is thought provoking! People have to grow , using the brain they are endowed with ,to become great !
Man can think, think, think and achieve the Moon and Sun for pure Great words and deeds follow creative thoughts in this nice world Hence the need to engage the minds in active thoughts bold! Great and creative thoughts will emerge only if Human brains are put to optimum use for constructive purposes. Really this will entail the mankind in a creative bliss, free from any danger ,full of love for fellow beings making the world an inhabitable heaven reflecting the true meaning of growth. —Further thoughts on your wonderful post Sir
Universe , an unknown panorama filled with the galaxy ,Sun ,stars, plannets,moving and holding positions in a particular fashion, bound by magnetic force and mathematical equations, travelling at specific speeds ,filled with in with layers of hydrogen – information immense in value!
Your Noble Thoughts are celebrating their 2nd birthday! My good wishes to you and the fraternal literary buds that blossom the moment you express your thoughts! SWOT is Sweet! You are blessed with a very Sharp imagination blended with extraordinary expression. Your commands are always young. You are blessed by Vaagdevi! I wish you many more years of literary extravaganza.
Four has assumed multiple dimensions in your panoramic analysis. You have not left any area/ idea touching FOUR in our life be it humanities or mathematics. Four way Grids in the form of SWOT analysis and Johari Window in explaining Concepts in Behavioral Sciences etc FOUR represents symmetry and uniformity The FOUR padas of Dharma explain the social well being of people. The four stages of life Shaishavam. Childhood, Youth and old-age The four purusharth also is an example of importance of FOUR Really I started trying my little fingers with interest to understand the inseparability! I also understood FOUR can draw so much information worth noting and understanding. Thank you Sir for your nice note Prasad
Congrats sir
National science day bringing out significance of science in a country’s development celebrated in North of Sir C V Raman is nice!

We have covered the period from 25/12/16 to 28/2/2017. I am sure the observations of Shri KVVS Prasad are quite absorbing.
Thanks for your patronage of ENVIUS THOUGHTS and I look forward for the same in the days, months and years to come!!!!!


Shri KVVS Prasad with the blog author



I am glad to share with you that with the 44th view at 8.00 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 20th May 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed NINETY ONE  THOUSAND (91000) on the 792nd day and 856th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


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