Rhyme And Rhythm Or Theme And Content*

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Sure rhyme and rhythm always great
Music and sound sure a treat!
Poem writing lovely art
Love it is to poet’s heart
Grammar and rules play a part!
Theme and content must be smart!
Feelings and emotions sure
Make the poem simply pure!
Content no doubt adds splendor
Message gives it more grandeur!
As I write this with great care
Bhagwat Pada comes to share
“bhaja govindaṃ bhaja govindaṃ
govindaṃ bhaja mūdhamate |
samprāpte sannihite kāle
nahi nahi rakṣati dukriṅkaraṇe”*

*Adi Shankara Bhagawat paadha in his monumental BAJA GOVINDAM says in his own inimitable style the futility of mastering over the grammar at the time we have to make our exit from this world and the need to think of the Lord.


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