WORLD REFUGEE DAY is today 20th June.

World Refugee Day

Sufferings of the poor refugees beyond description
Far, far away from their people and home, no prescription
Millions living in camps for none of their faults and sins
When and how to get back homes-none can say-misfortune spins!

Greatest tragedy of the times on this painful earth, my Lord!
Sorrows  and sufferings of the refugees all over the world!
Today  WORLD REFUGEE DAY is observed all over the world
Poor refugees, why, wherefrom, what for – among our fold!

Tomorrow you and I can be-none can say for quite sure
Nature’s fury or thrown out by political thoughts pure
How and who, when and where to start stopping this wild menace
Almighty! Guide us to put this menace in the furnace!

Many a time we are refugees within our own soil
Blood of the noble all through the world do boil
Great UN organization unable to control
My Lord Almighty, give the world  good sense to unite all!


One thought on “WORLD REFUGEE DAY is today 20th June.

  1. Great Morning Sir,The causes behind aRefugee seems to be behind our images. Sir you made me to think about arfugee’s life. I will pray GOD to give you Happy Healthy & Wealthy long life to aweaken people like me.


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