One of the vivid and regular followers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in is a good friend of mine and former colleague when I was in service in the great, model Public Sector Undertaking LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA, in KADAPA division, Andhra Pradesh during 1995-1998.
How Shri Venkata Krishna expresses his appreciation is daily responding to the post is by quoting the LINES THAT HE RELISHED most!

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PIOUS Mr. Venkata Krishna and the force behind him.!

Here is a compendium of such lines as Sunday story this week and I am sure my esteemed viewers will enjoy reading.
Millions living in camps for none of their faults and sins When and how to get back homes-none can say-misfortune spins!
Place of honor-the role father plays sacrificing his self For his family-kith a
Greatest manifestation of nature the great wind But for which people in the globe cannot sure find Their life and living smooth and healthy, with joy and peace Let us thank the Almighty for blessing us to live in ease.
Wealth of good deed deriving the blessings of the Lord On this great day let us resolve to help and please God!
God dwells in deep silence and strong sound Great yogis of yore with wisdom found!
Gods, emperors-deemed divine incarnations many born and spread Virtues and values for all young and old, small and big to tread!

The children quite young-instead to schools-prompts
Alas! Man in his greed and nasty needs exploits The children quite young-instead to schools-prompts
In the wonderful creation of God vital Is environment to promote health pivotal!
Improve self-esteem< With heart and mind positive Great to reach extreme!
“Drink Fresh Milk to keep the Body Fit, Smart Brain”.Milk for Health And Prosperity. “Milk is the First Food for Human indeed a great wealth”
Bad habits are many in the society causes many Friendship-‘tell me who is your friend, I shall tell you who you are’
“Treated cold lasts for days seven and untreated a week”
God’s creations all over the globe indeed is wonderful None else can no imitation-no duplication beautiful
Pandit Nehru was Sacrificed for the people of India and this nation For decades several, worked ceaselessly with great passion!
. Systems many objective wise-for each need of life and living Glands many secreting vital needs for the healthy living
Museums indeed are the homes of history perceived Giving data and details for the people to refer.
Ages moved fast and humans began to learn the art of talking Culture, practices, art of life greatly developed galloping!
Good Health and sickness- part of God’s creation for all living beings
Summer and winter Part of Nature – God made sure Accept with heart pure!
Each and all to fight the fire like problems in life Nature’s challenge to fortify the people to meet in file!
Where is agriculture, good crops, food and life of all Our sacred rivers seven- sure source of life for all.
Mountains and hills are gift of the Almighty-the lord Through the bounteous nature given to the great world
Man’s life is measured not by his age, sure by his deeds great
Man in his knowledge and wisdom – a great creative creature Innovative to make the world a better place-in tune with nature.
India a fine multifaceted country of Culture and tradition has a lot to offer for all!
Pity or beauty-though equal in birth some have diamond spoon Some have gold and some have silver spoons, many with no spoon
No harm to humans, animals and birds- any living being Grant me moksha allowing no karmas accumulating!
The life and living with nature was given up Good bye was sent to good health, people got fed up
Gods, emperors-deemed divine incarnations many born and spread Virtues and values for all young and old, small and big to tread!
Poets are immortal and their poems are eternal!
The whole of India that is Bharath is proud of A part and parcel of sacred and holy Nation.
Waste water cannot be allowed to go waste-sure To be recycled and used for purposes several
The day is joyful occasion worth celebrating all over. “YOUNG POET” wishes all well for all
the poets for ever!
Man in his wisdom made his body and mind, intelligence in full And made strides in every possible field and arena till
Sorrows and sufferings are never static sure They move away like the bundle of clouds quite pure
No pollution of any kind, no contamination Young or old, men or women enjoyed health and happiness
With the aim of LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL- Help ever hurt never Lo! Experience, day to day, is quite poor forever!
On this day let us invoke the grace of Radha and Krishna! Burning the negatives in us as Holika dahan makes it
Number 6 symbolizes beauty and high ideals.
Physically we are orphaned but you guide at every moment
Lord Krishna plays the flute so melodious, cows return neat

I do hope that the LINES RELISHED BY VENKATA KRISHNA are equally relished by all. Thank you. As usual we shall meet tomorrow morning. Thanks.

This  created a great bondage with me and Shri Venkata Krishna when we were serving Life Insurance Corporation of India, in KADAPA division (A P )



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N V Subbaraman

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