Words of wisdom of my noble father almost daily
“Rouges and fools must be punished-fools first” great saying mildly
Failed to realize for long but today at seventy six
I feel I deserve to be punished and I am punished!

Things big or small, carelessness out of foolishness arise,
Extracting painful actions a lot- leak from the loft tank
Sans stopper- unnoticed floods the whole house requiring drain
Energy gone, pains in the joints increase- fool punished first!

Beloved father from his heavenly abode from his
Eighty seventh year- thirty years since- I hear
His voice of wisdom-“Rouges and Fools must be punished Fools first”
I feel I deserve to be punished and I am punished!

(Based on real life experience many times, the latest on 10/7/17 at home while alone!!!!!)





I am glad to share with you that with the 60th view at 08.30 hours today viz Wednesday  the 12th July 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed NINETY SEVEN  THOUSAND (97000) on the 845th day and 910th post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


4 thoughts on “FOOLS FIRST!

  1. Your father’s words are 100/100 correct. But you should not be punished
    Why because you did holy wonders in your career. Thousands are benefited like me. Now also you are not punished. You are experiencing it for another noble task …I think like that with warm respects
    Yours ever loving brother
    Jyothi Ram Lingam K erode


  2. I have gone through the your heart-touched words. My watered eyes showed sympathy on my light little heart. Your attachment with your father was very firm . I could sense the feeling of loneliness in you.
    When my nearing two years old grand daughter said “OHM” I thought about your father for a moment and prayed for HIS blessings. HE will surely give us enough bone power to withstand all the physical inabilities.
    The most potential brain power will finally win over the said inabilities. I am thanking you for providing this
    article with a deeper meaning and sense.

    Your emotional friend and brother,

    G. Vasudevan


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